Invest & Invite


Restorative transformation takes all of us. We can’t do this without your support. Commit a church offering. Sponsor a conference track. Host a lunch. Present a workshop. Support an attendee with little means but a lot of experience. There are multiple ways you can invest in the Building Bridges movement to equip and engage everyday leaders, community members, and people of faith for restorative transformation. A list of sponsorship opportunities is available here. To become a sponsor, simply fill out this form and submit it to the Council on Development with your payment.


Remember to invest in your own people’s development by sponsoring their attendance at the conference as well. Building social capital for restorative transformation requires healthy, vibrant relationships. The Building Bridges: Restorative Transformation conference is more than an invitation to an event. It’s an invitation to being part of the solutions that build bridges of opportunity. When you ask colleagues, neighbors, members, and community & ministry leaders to build these relationships with you, everyone becomes more deeply committed to restorative transformation by being more deeply connected to each other.

Spread the word among your network and circles of influence.