Invest & Invite


Community takes all of us. We can’t – and shouldn’t -- do this without each other’s support. There are multiple ways we can invest in the Building Bridges movement to equip and engage everyday leaders, community members, and people of faith during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Present a Bridge Building Breakout Session. Commit a church offering. Become a Community Conversation sponsor.  Lend your voice in a Breakout Community or Community Conversation. Provide internet access to attendees with little means but a lot of experience.


Remember to invest in your own people’s development by supporting their attendance, as well. Getting through uncertainty well requires healthy, vibrant relationships. The 2020 Building Bridges Community Experience is more than a conference. It’s an experience of empathetic listening and connecting, surfacing real-time solutions and strategies, and collaborating so we ALL can build bridges toward communities of opportunity.

Spread the word among your network and circles of influence. A downloadable invitation is available here.