Immigrant & Refugee Small Group Study

Immigrant & Refugee Small Group Study

Those who are seeking a better life, whether it be a life free from violence, a life free from extreme poverty or a life free of oppression, are often misunderstood.  For too long, they have been criminalized and dehumanized as they have sought refuge in our country.  The Ohio River Valley District has created a 5 week study that encourages groups and individuals to dig deeper into their own faith understanding about immigration and to gain a better understanding of our Biblical response as Christians and United Methodists.  

Week 1: Looking for Answers
Week 2: Suffering on the Journey
Week 3: Religion or Relationship?
Week 4: Who Controls our Destiny?
Week 5: Freedom or Fear?

Written and edited by Rev. Scott Hicks and Rev. Ann Wurster

Photo credit: Theo Rigby