First Responder Churches

The average returning citizen leaves prison with a check of less than one hundred dollars and a bus ticket. Without an adequate aftercare plan, returning citizens can easily find themselves in desperate circumstances - and on the road back to prison. Consider how your church’s existing ministries may already meet the critical needs of returning citizens to provide a safety net during this period of vulnerability.

A '72-Hour Church' meets crisis needs – such as housing, clothing, and meals – and provides referrals to long-term support upon release from prison.

Ministries of a 72-Hour Church include:

  • Coordinate transportation for a returning citizen upon release from prison
  • Provide emergency shelter
  • Coordinate meal ministry for the first 72 hours
  • Provide hygiene kits
  • Referral services to long-term support

If you think your church might be ready to become a 72-Hour Church, contact Reba Collins at allincommunity [at]