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What you can expect to experience.

Reentry experiences and reentry needs look and feel differently based on where we live. The 2020 Building Bridges of Opportunity Community Experience provides a hyper-local focus on emerging hope and emerging opportunities in metro, mid-size and rural settings as we navigate the impact of the pandemics we are currently experiencing.

Come learn from and collaborate with ministry, community, government agency and reentry service professionals who are leading on the front lines and can point you in the direction of emerging opportunities. Together, we explore the challenges and the triumphs of reentry in this pandemic season. We invite you to be in community and experience:

Healing, hope-filled and transformative connections with other community members
Local responses based on your community’s context
Community Conversations with men, women and families impacted by reentry
Bridge Building Breakouts featuring emerging reentry responses & opportunities, reentry coalition building skills & connections and pandemic best practices & pivots from boots-on-the-ground reentry practitioners
Breakout Communities focused on specific reentry needs in your community context and with specific reentry populations
Brown Bag Lunch & Learns with extended presenter Q&A sessions and panel discussions featuring collaborative efforts among public, private, and community groups
Emerging opportunities through collaborative community action

When we bear one another’s burdens, we can all move forward more easily. When we can develop more clarity for best practices and pivots, we can create more opportunities for successful reentry during these unprecedented times. The Building Bridges Community Experiences creates the space for hope to rise and reentry opportunities to emerge in your community.

We hope you will join us in community online in October.