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Plenary Sessions & Keynote Speakers: You can expect to participate in at least one plenary session or keynote address each of the first two days of the conference. You will learn from national, regional, and local experts engaged in research and best practices.

Workshops: Each of the first two days will offer roughly 20 workshops from which to choose. Workshops will be organized around three conference tracks— resilient families, healing trauma, and successful reentry. Our reentry track’s main focus will be on education and employment. Each workshop will provide a collaborative approach and solutions-based content.

Immersion Experiences: Cincinnati offers many working models of restorative transformation. Conference participants will be able to see first-hand these life-changing opportunities.

Restorative Refresher: At this conference, you can expect to be nurtured, as well. Built into the schedule are replenishing experiences for the mind, body, and spirit.

Transformation Encounters: Proximity makes it personal. Through simulations and listening circles, you can expect to engage in meaningful experiential learning and restorative dialogue with impacted persons.

Learning Intensives: On the third day, you will spend extensive time with a leading expert learning proven strategies and solutions for restorative transformation in one of the three conference tracks – resilient families, healing trauma, or successful reentry.