Reservations: A Documentary on Native Cultures
Monday, June 4, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Sponsored by the West Ohio Conference

Reservations: A Documentary on Native Cultures

When West Ohio pastor, Rev. Ryan Grace, and his wife, Mariellyn, first decided to film a documentary on Native cultures, they had no idea the journey would take them to the land of the Hopewell in Ohio, the land of the Cherokee in Georgia and North Carolina, and the land of the Sioux in North and South Dakota. Along the way, they learned that many of the images of Native peoples found in our society today are far from the truth. By visiting a massive ancient earthworks, walking along trails used to remove the Cherokee from their land, and witnessing the vibrancy of a Native Pow Wow, they learned invaluable lessons in what is and isn't true about Native peoples - now and throughout history.

Join Rev. Grace and Mariellyn as they present their documentary, “Reservations,” at the movie theater at Lakeside. Boxed lunches are available for pre-order only by registering below; all are welcome to attend the documentary screening, but lunches will not be available to be purchased at event.

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Orchestra Hall
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Mariellyn Grace