Crucible Class 11 Event 4
Saturday, April 24, 2021 - 9:30am to 3:00pm
Sponsored by the East and West Ohio Conferences

Clergy and their leadership teams will have the opportunity to learn about the value of building, assessing and evaluating discipleship systems in the ministry setting.  Rev. Carrie Antczak, East Ohio Conference, will be our facilitator for the day.  The sessions will address the What and Why of disciplship systems and moving toward creating a vision for intentional discipleship and seeing discipleship as bigger than one program of the ministry setting.  Additionally, there will be a How section giving clergy and their teams an opportunity to work on creating an actual system to be intentional about discipleship.

Zoom link will be emailed later.

Event Schedule:

9:00 am              Online Check In
9:30 am              Worship
10:00 am            Session I
11:15 am             Break
12:00 pm           Session II
1:30 pm              Closing
2:00 pm             Dismissal

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm moving in July do I need to bring my Leadership Team?
No. If you will experience a move, it is important for  YOU to attend the event, but you are not expected to bring your current Leadership Team unless they would like to participate. They are invited to participate if desired. 

How do I prepare? 

Invite your Prayer Team and Leadership Team to hold the event in prayer.

Location Name: 
West Ohio Conference
Susan Thomas
no cost