ECLIPSE Legal Clinic

What is ECLIPSE?

ECLIPSE is a United Methodist ministry and community legal institution that helps individuals and families in the immigrant community to deal with immigration issues by assisting and helping them with legal information, resources, and preparation of forms and legal cases. In addition, if the person is not in valid status and is therefore in danger of removal, ECLIPSE would help them execute legal documents to provide for their children in the event of detention and/or removal. 

When is the clinic open?

The first Thursday of each month, in the evening. To make an appointment, call 513-225-4860 or 513-454-5826.

Where is ECLIPSE located?

First United Methodist Church of Hamilton, 225 Ludlow St., Hamilton, OH.

Who does ECLIPSE help?

Any immigrant who needs but cannot afford legal information, advice or services.

How can I help ECLIPSE?

  • ECLIPSE is in need of additional funding, both for the Hamilton location and to extend services to additional locations. You can donate through the Ohio River Valley District, by sending a check with 'Eclipse' in the Memo line to 7388 E. Kemper Rd, Suite 1, Cincinnati, OH 45249.
  • ECLIPSE also needs volunteer attorneys. You do not need to be an immigration lawyer or expert to volunteer!
  • You can also spread the word about ECLIPSE by sharing this information with other churches, community groups, and interested volunteers.