Early Response Team

Upcoming ERT classes in the West Ohio Conference   

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The purpose  of the ERT teams of the United Methodist Church is not to lead Disaster Response efforts but to assist as we are able, depending on the gifts and skills of the persons on our teams, and to provide emotional and spiritual support as an outgrowth of our discipleship. 

For ERT classes in the East Ohio Conference, click here.  

Basic Class

ERT volunteers must go through ERT training with UMCOR. This ensures that they will operate under specific guidelines that allow them to be productive and caring while causing no further harm or being a burden to the affected community. Topics covered in the class include the who, what, when, where and how of doing ministry, as well as hands on experience in the specific tasks that early responders are expected to accomplish.


Badges are issued for a 3 year period of time. Those who possess an UMCOR badge that has either already expired or is about to expire should register for a Recertification class. If you wait more than 1 year after the expiration date you will have to take the basic class again. 

Background Checks Required

UMCOR will require all participants to have a current background check prior to receiving their badge, UMCOR uses Verified Volunteers. 
Early Response Team (ERT) Trainings are scheduled throughout the conference. If you would like to organize a team at your church, contact Kris Shoaf at kshoaf [at] or 614-844-6200, ext. 217.