Down Syndrome

SUPPLIES: table covered with white roll paper, markers, chairs, laptop with Down Syndrome slideshow, additional speakers, laptop charger, multi-outlet plug, extension cord



1.     Greet new participants and invite them to sit or stand where they can see and hear the slideshow.

2.     When a large group has arrived introduce the topic with, “Good morning. This station will be helping you understand Down Syndrome. We will click through at the group’s pace, so please let me know if you need more time on a slide or if you would like for me to read out loud what is on the slide. Are we ready?”

3.Begin the slideshow and click through at the pace of the group. HINT: If you read through each slide, each time, you will have a good estimate of when others will be completing the reading. The slideshow sheet will have specific details for what to do and how to engage the participants.

4.     Encourage participants to write responses to questions on the last slide on the white roll paper on the table.

5.     Take time to answer questions (if you feel comfortable) and hear what the participants are processing out loud. Some of your learners will be external processors and need someone to speak to about what they experienced where others will be internal processors and simply listen to what is being said or write more fully on the white roll paper. Respect both forms of processing.

6.     Thank the participants for their focus and encourage them to find another station. Help them know what stations are available and how to get to them.


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