Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP)

CPP Resources

We live in a world where unexpected, and  sometimes challenging , needs arise. Illness or injury may require care and substantial time away from the church. The loss of a loved one may require substantial financial resources. Through these times the Conference supports you through the Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP). CPP provides death benefits, long-term disability income replacement and certain other survivor benefits for eligible clergy of The United Methodist Church (UMC) and their families. CPP is an Internal Revenue Code 414(e) "church plan" and is self-insured and funded by plan sponsor contributions.


Eligibility (Generally)*

UMC Bishops

  • UMC Clergy under full-time episcopal appointment and receiving “plan compensation” of at least 25% of Denominational Average Compensation (DAC)
  • Clergy from other Methodist denominations serving in the UMC (special rules apply)

Other eligibility requirements may apply. Contact plan sponsor for details.


  • Death benefits (active or retired participants, spouse, surviving spouse, dependent children)
  • Supplemental benefits for surviving spouses
  • Educational benefits for surviving dependent children (restrictions apply)
  • Long-term disability (LTD) benefits
  • Return-to-Work Program
  • Voluntary Transition Program (ends December 31, 2020)