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Do you have a love for God, a gift of music and a heart with a passion to help all people grow in the love of Jesus Christ through leading the choir members experience spirit filled worship?

The Choir Director of Mosaic Church recruits, leads the choir members and works with the accompanist to provide anthems and hymns for a meaningful traditional worship experience for those in person and online.

You will be part of a new work God has started through the newly planted Mosaic Church in Beavercreek.

Proven ability to recruit, equip and empower a team along with multi-ethnic competency and diversity in musical genres a must.

This position is part-time, 8 hours per week? which includes Sunday morning service, Choir Rehearsal (currently Wednesday evenings), special services, and prep time. As the ministry grows, so will the position.

For more info, see attached and send resumes to

Accountable To:
• Mosaic Campus Pastor

Spiritual Requirements:
• Professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
• Commitment to personal spiritual growth and healthy lifestyle
• Considers this position a ministry, not just a job
• Models standards and expectations of staff members within Mosaic Church including membership and worship attendance at Mosaic Church, small group participation, lifestyle of tithing and generosity, and faithfully serving out of call and giftedness

Education & Experience:
• Degree preferred in music, and specialty in voice or related field is preferred.
• Proven experience working as a choir director.
• Knowledge and familiarity working with electronic sound/multimedia systems.
• The ability to interpret various styles of music.
• Strong leadership and listening skills.
• Excellent analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills.
• Effective communication skills.
• A passion for traditional Worship music.
• Patient, creative, and assertive.
• Track record of recruiting/equipping/training of unpaid servant musicians and vocalists

Skill Requirements:
• Strong leader that flows from a genuine relationship with Jesus
• Vocal and instrumental expertise in multiple styles of music
• Worship leader and choir leader experience
• Ability to develop teams and cultivate new talent.
• Ability to arrange and chart music of all styles.
• Demonstrate an understanding of both urban and suburban ministry, mission and culture.
• Ability to work in and contribute to an overall staff team “strengths-based” environment.

• Articulate and implement the vision for all musical aspects of the worship ministry, embracing the unique “DNA” of Mosaic in the traditional worship setting
• Instructing choir members, provide warm up before rehearsals and performances.
• Selecting appropriate musical pieces for the choir to perform based on the focus for worship and ability of the choir.
• Establishing and enforcing a performance dress code in accordance with established guidelines.
• Recruiting and conducting auditions to identify and select suitable choir members.
• Scheduling choir rehearsals and ensuring that choir members attend rehearsals regularly.
• Selecting individual choir members to perform solos and special duets, trios, quartets etc.
• Providing the necessary guidance and direction during choir rehearsals to assist choir members in achieving the correct tone, pitch, rhythm, tempo, and harmony.
• Directing choir members during musical performances to ensure that the desired sound is achieved.
• Creating suitable choir formations for rehearsals and performances.
• Coordinate with and work under the leadership of the Mosaic Campus Pastor to develop appropriate music/worship style for the Mosaic church--Select music each week based on vision from Pastoral staff and do so with prayer, conceptual forethought, theological accuracy, and musical appropriateness
• Lead Choir in weekly rehearsal in preparation for Sunday Worship; leverage planning center online to support pre-rehearsal preparation.
• Work with musicians as needed in music and vocal technique
• Coordinate alongside pastor to lead the team into Sunday Morning Worship experience (gathered and online)
• Assist in holding worship team accountable to Mosaic Worship Team Guiding Principles.
• Commitment to consistent, weekly small-group-based discipleship, leadership development, and equipping/training unpaid servants to help create a great ministry environment.
• Available for special worship services as needed.
• Other duties as assigned by Mosaic Campus Pastor.