Human Resources Director

Flat Rock Homes is currently seeking an Administrator for the Flat Rock Care Center in the Bellevue Ohio location. Please see attached job description.

The Administrator of Flat Rock Care Center is a critical member of the ministry's Senior Leadership Team, led by the President/Chief Executive Officer. This position leads Flat Rock Care Center’s Team.

Under the general supervision of the President/CEO, the Administrator of Flat Rock Care Center directs day-to-day aspects of the Flat Rock Care Center’s operations, including leading the Flat Rock Care Center Administration/Program Team, Nursing, and all direct care staff, including Direct Support Professionals and Supervisors. The Administrator of Flat Rock Care Center is responsible for ensuring compliance for the Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/IID) within Medicaid Certification Standards and Licensure Rules and provides general supervision for all programs offered by the Intermediate Care Facility. Because of the Administrator’s role in ensuring compliance, the position provides indirect supervision of staff who report to other managers regarding all matters related to compliance of the Flat Rock Care Center. This position shall be designated as “Director of Operations” of Flat Rock Care Center as outlined in 5123-2-08 of the Ohio Revised Code: Provider Certification of Agency Providers.

This position provides leadership to the Program Team as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP), functioning as the Lead QIDP. As such the Administrator oversees the responsibilities of the QIDPs. The QIDPs supports individuals, reviews data and progress, and revises plans based on individual need and performance. The QIDP ensures consistency among external and internal programs and disciplines. The QIDP ensures service design and delivery which provides each individual with an appropriate active treatment program. The QIDP ensures that any discrepancies or conflicts between programmatic, medical, dietary, and vocational aspects of the individual’s assessment and programs are resolved. The QIDP ensures a follow-up to recommendations for services, equipment, or programs. The QIDP ensures that adequate environmental supports and assistive devices are present to promote independence.

The Administrator of Flat Rock Care Center oversees services provided by consultants in the Program Department. The position will work with other QIDPs and Unit Supervisors in planning and implementing a quality program of care for individuals with developmental disabilities in the residential setting. The Administrator of Flat Rock Care Center will ensure required records are prepared and reports for the Individual Program Plan (IPP) process are completed. This position provides oversight to the QIDPs who lead the quarterly and annual review process. Further, The Administrator of Flat Rock Care Center will lead the Interdisciplinary Team. This position will ensure staff are adequately trained in the active treatment process and other related skills.

While ensuring compliance and a high quality of care delivered to all individuals served by the Flat Rock Care Center, the Administrator will also cultivate an employee culture with high engagement leading to high levels of staff performance. The Administrator will ensure staff feel a deep sense of leadership’s gratitude for their work and will seek to keep staff engaged with our mission, vision, and strategic direction through all program efforts. This position will have a key role in generating continuing engagement by staff in this life-changing cause, growing and developing long-term, effective relationship with them. He/she will cultivate a deep understanding among our staff of the needs of the individuals that we serve and boldly challenge them to respond with a high level of performance.

Office space will be provided at our Administrative Offices in Flat Rock, OH. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this position may be able to perform some aspects of the position remotely. This position is classified as “critical,” meaning while some aspects of the work may be able to be done remotely, a significant portion of the role must be done on-site, supervising essential, on-site workers as well as other critical and some core (mostly remote) workers. Occasional travel for in-person events, conferences, pick-up/drop-off materials mostly in Northern Ohio area may be required.


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