Director of Music Ministries: Traditional and Contemporary

Crestwood United Methodist Church is located in Crestwood, KY just 5-10 minutes outside of Louisville, Kentucky. We are a growing church that averages 275 in worship with vibrant ministries for children, youth, young adults, families and seniors. The worship ministry is a vital point of connection for all church members, especially members of the band, choir and ensembles.

Crestwood United Methodist Church is seeking a Director of Music Ministries. Our hope is that the director will be skilled in both contemporary and traditional worship styles. Crestwood United Methodist Church has a Contemporary and Traditional Service on Sunday morning.
The position is full-time or part-time depending on Director’s qualifications and schedule. Paid vacation and pension are provided. Salary range for full-time starting from $35,00-45,000+ based on education and experience. Benefits of a stipend for health insurance and retirement included based on education and experience.

Interested applicants should send a letter of introduction and a resume to: derek [at]

A. The Director’s Musical Role
The Director will be well-trained in the fundamentals of music, conducting, and vocal and choral techniques. The Director will also be skilled at leading a praise band for our contemporary worship service. Ideally, the director should have a degree in music. Special emphasis or training in voice or choral conducting is a plus! The director would possess the following attributes:
1. A working knowledge of the fundamentals of music.
2. A good ear for pitch and rhythm.
3. Training and experience in conducting a choir.
4. Training and experience in leading a contemporary praise band.
5. A working knowledge of basic vocal fundamentals and choral techniques..
6. Knowledge of the organ and the ability to help the organist effectively accompany and support the choir during rehearsals and/or worship services.
7. Ability to play keyboard is a plus.
8. Openness to a variety of Christian musical styles and a broad knowledge of songs in the contemporary and traditional styles of worship.
9. Experience in planning worship in a traditional and contemporary setting.

B. The Director’s Teaching Role
The director must be an effective teacher, using rehearsal time wisely to educate musically as well as engage spiritually—with the end result being worship that draws the choir, band and congregation closer to the heart of God. The director would possess the following teaching skills.
1. Assess the capabilities of individual band and choir members and place them in the proper section.
2. Plan rehearsals to accomplish short and long-term goals.
3. Leads effective rehearsals.
4. Detects and corrects musical errors.
5. Selects music suitable for the level of the band and choir, introducing new music as is appropriate and practical.
6. Trains band and choir members both as individual vocalists and as ensemble musicians to create the most appropriate musical sound.
7. Provides instruction about the liturgical seasons and special worship services.
8. Develops and trains volunteers and paid staff necessary for the excellence of the whole music/worship experience.

C. The Director’s Liturgical Role
The music of Crestwood UMC is an integral part of worship. Band and Choral music must add to the liturgy and help create an engaging and prayerful environment of worship. The Director must understand the structure and meaning of various worship experiences. The Director possesses the following knowledge and skills regarding worship:
1. Knowledge of United Methodist worship and other worship services of the liturgical year.
2. Knowledge of United Methodist religious practices.
3. Regular communication with the senior pastor and church staff regarding musical details of worship.
4. Works with senior pastor and staff to develop a plan for expanding the band and choir’s role in other special worship events.
5. Meets weekly with the worship team to plan the upcoming weeks of worship services.
6. Sets and cultivates a spiritual tone for the choir.

D. The Director’s Administrative role
Strong organization and preparation behind the scenes creates a more polished and professional music program. The Director’s ability to be an organized administrator is a valuable asset. Suggested responsibilities in this area include:
1. Maintains a strong working relationship with the senior pastor, staff and volutneers.
2. Communicates effectively with church staff, music staff and volunteers.
3. Provides leadership in planning and carrying out the goals and objectives of the music ministries of the church.
4. Maintains regular and published office hours.
5. Coordinate the activities of the band and choir with the church and ensures the cooperation and support of the band and choir.
6. Is responsible for the implementing of the following;
a. Recruitment of new band and choir members
b. Attendance and punctuality
c. Development and maintenance of a music library and instruments
d. Care and maintenance of robes and instruments
e. Development and use of a band and choir budget
f. Directing or overseeing the directors of children’s choir, hand bell choir, praise band and other creative worship teams
7. Participates in the selection and hiring of the organist and other paid musicians.
8. Attends staff meetings, worship team meetings, council on ministries.
9. Works in cooperation with the Youth Minister and Children’s Minister and other staff to plan, coordinate, and implement appropriate age level ministries.

E. Other Important Attributes
The Director of Music Ministries is a very visible position within the church and must possess certain spiritual and personal attributes, exemplifying a lifestyle that adheres to the teachings of the United Methodist Church.
1. Serves as an example of appropriate behavior and spirituality.
2. Lead worship in a manner that honors God.
3. Relates to the choir, parishioners, staff and volunteers in a sensitive, understanding and patient manner.
4. Strives to learn and improve.
5. Respects and honors the traditions and doctrines of the United Methodist Church as well as the traditions of Crestwood UMC.

The position is full-time or part-time depending on Director’s qualifications and schedule. Paid vacation and pension are provided.

Interested applicants should send a letter of introduction and a resume to: derek [at]