Administrative Assistant

High Street United Methodist Church is seeking a Part Time Administrative Assistant

MAJOR OBJECTIVE: The Administrative Assistant supports the business and clerical activities of the church in a manner that is consistent with the organization’s mission and values.

QUALIFICATIONS: Expertise in Windows-based programs including Microsoft Office 360, familiarity with general office practices, experience working in a busy front office, ability to deal with all types of people, flexibility, good time management skills, strong writing and communications capabilities.

SUPERVISOR: Senior Pastor

TIME COMMITMENT: 24 hours/week during church office hours
1: Ensure smooth operations of the church office
• Utilize programs of Office 360 for clerical work, publications and communications. Employ a variety of internet applications for various purposes including email, research, meetings, etc.
• Interact with the public: answer the telephone, direct phone calls appropriately and/or take messages, make referrals to other organizations, assist ministry teams and church groups. Maintain confidentiality.
• Church Calendar: Maintain and update church calendars (paper and virtual), schedule meetings and assign meeting rooms.
• Mail: Postal mail: open incoming mail and direct to the correct individuals and groups, manage outgoing mail. Receipt incoming cash and checks. Keep up the account at Email: correspond appropriately, direct emails to their proper recipient if needed.
• Security: Maintain current records of keyholders and passwords. Function as liaison to the security company. Open and close the church daily.
• Signage: See that all signage, including digital sign in the front of the church, is current and accurate.
• Office equipment and supplies: Keep adequate office supplies in stock. Use and conduct routine maintenance on office equipment including printers, copiers, etc.
• Attends staff and other meetings as assigned.
2. Maintain church records
• Utilize the Church Windows program to maintain records in an accurate, timely manner. This includes membership status, births, deaths, baptisms, marriages, attendance, etc. Update church directory.
• Prepare reports such as the annual membership audit, charge conference reports, other District and Conference documents, weekly and annual reports, etc.
• Staff church ministry teams and committees as assigned.
• Maintain personnel records and order background checks of prospective employees.
• Maintain records for church committees and ministry teams.
• Prepare records for archival storage.
3. Assist the pastor
• Ensure that worship preparation is completed in a timely matter, e.g., bulletins, slides, communion materials, altar flowers .
• Assist the pastor in other areas as requested.

If interested, please contact Kathie Harbaugh, SPR Chair at kathieharbaugh [at]