Certified Lay Ministry Academy
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Explore Your Call to Leadership

  • Is God calling you to lead or serve in your church congregation?
  • Are you interested in building a ministry team for community impact?
  • Are you interested in receiving theological, cultural and practical ministry training?

The Certified Lay Ministry Academy was established for spiritual formation, community connections and academic training.  Certified Lay Ministers (CLM's) are trained, equipped and certified to fulfill their unique God calling, enhance the quality of ministry to small membership churches and to expand team ministry in churches. 

There are four major components in the formation of leaders offered through the Certified Lay Ministry Academy. These include training, supervision, support and accountability. Click here to learn about the Certfied Lay Ministry Academy Syllabus which includes a short description of each course and the spiritual disciplines that are practiced to further deepen the student's faith walk.


Class of 2019-20

To further equip students for the courses taught in the academy, students will read the "Required Readings" prior to attending class. Additonal "Recommended Readings" are also available to enhance learning on a specific topic or spiritual discipline.  

All courses are taught by professional instructors, seminary professors, ordained clergy, Certified Lay Ministers and ministry practitioners, who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in their presented material.  In addition to our instructors, Spiritual Guides are available to assists students in their discernment process.

Certified Lay Ministry Academy 2019-20 fee is $600, plus required course texts.  Two hundred dollars ($200) must accompany the application. The following months require $200 payments to fulfill the total of $600: November 2019 and February 2020. 


Class of 2019-20

To apply to be a student in the 2019-20 Certified Lay Ministry Academy, complete the Certified Lay Ministry Academy application. Deadline for submitting an application is August 15, 2019. the 2019-20 class schedule, fees, and required/recommeded readings will be posted by July 15, 2019. 


To Become Certified 

Once a student has completed the Certified Lay Ministry Academy and has been approved for certification, he/she may request an assignment as a Certified Lay Minister (CLM) from the District Superintendent to provide Lay Servant leadership in a ministry or in a church for significant service in a wide variety of mission fields and settings.

Certified Lay Ministers preach the Word, provide care for the congregation, assist in program leadership, and serve as witnesses in the community to further the growth, mission and connectional thrust of the United Methodist Church as part of a ministry team with the supervision and support of a clergy person. 

Currently, more than sixty Certified Lay Ministers are leading his/her ministry team or serving within the West Ohio Conference in areas such as: small membership church assignment, prison ministries, medical clinics, congregational care, youth ministries, community outreach, mission and justice, preaching, diversity ministries and many others.

For full Certified Lay Ministry Academy details or for more information in becoming a Certfied Lay Minister visit: or contact: Dave Boling, Certified Lay Minister  Ministry Team Chairperson at dwboling [at]