CCW Anna Troy

Anna is a native of Texas and an ordained deacon of the Rio Texas Annual Conference, having been consecrated in 2016. She has been preparing for mission service since she was a summer Mission Intern with Global Ministries in Cookson, OK, in 2008. After graduation from Texas Lutheran University, with a Bachelor of Music degree in church music, she spent a little more than a year as a missionary with the Colegio Metodista in San Jose, Costa Rica. She then experienced a call to ministry and enrolled in seminary, earning a Master of Arts in Christian Service degree from Brite Divinity School, Fort Worth, TX. Anna has served as associate pastor of the First United Methodist Church, Boerne, Texas and as a case manager with the First Street Methodist Mission in Fort Worth. Most recently, she was commissioned as a Church & Community Worker  in May 2016 and served as Outreach Coordinator at Partners In Ministry in Laurinburg, NC.


Anna now serves as Community Engagement Coordinator at Church and Community Development for All People in Columbus, OH. Community Development for All People offers the people of south-side Columbus a variety of resources, including clothing, fresh produce, affordable transportation, affordable housing, and case management, in addition to worship opportunities throughout the week. Anna’s role is to work with families and pregnant women in order to provide support and resources that will allow baby to thrive at birth and beyond their first birthday. Anna says, "I have long felt that I was being prepared for something special over the years as I have been in ministry in a variety of ways. From my days as a camp counselor, to serving as a missionary in different settings, to school, and during my ordination process—all have been integral in my faith journey. These experiences have shaped my relationship with God and humanity and my understanding of what I have been created to be, that is, a voice, an advocate for those ignored by our society, and to work with them to overcome the obstacles they face."


Like all United Methodist missionaries, Anna is responsible for raising part of her own support - approximately $25,000 per year - through relationships with individuals, groups, and congregations. To support Anna, you may donate online, or send a check to The Advance, 458 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30308 with 'Anna Troy, #3022172' in the Memo line.