Breakthrough Ministry Movement

In 2011, the members of the West Ohio Annual Conference launched a Breakthrough Ministry Movement at the Annual Conference Session in June.

Thousands of West Ohio United Methodists are praying daily for God to unleash new life in their churches. Thousands are praying daily to be unbound and empowered for joyful, fruitful mission and evangelism. Thousands are praying daily for the Holy Spirit to transform and boldly use them, without limits or reservations, to reach and make new disciples of Jesus Christ and change the world.

The Breakthrough Ministry Movement includes many exciting opportunities to focus on our shared mission and be excited by the transforming ministry happening around the conference.

From prayer cards to strategic alignment of our conference key ministry areas, the Breakthrough Movement has resources, tools and inspiration to help your church become a vital, risk-taking center for making and equipping disciples of Jesus Christ.

Read about our Breakthrough Prayer Lab opportunity in your church.

Watch this Breakthrough Prayer Movement Video about Gaines United Methodist church