New Blog Series to Begin

Dear Friends in the Risen Christ:

I love seeing the people of God flourishing in the good work that God has invited us to do. I love the great ministry that I see, hear about and experience throughout West Ohio. Good, faith-filled, risk-taking ministry is busting out all over the place. Thanks for all the ways you share the stories of what you are doing in local churches and communities in West Ohio and around the world.

I rejoice also in the many important ministries that emanate from the conference leadership, lay and clergy, stipended and volunteer. I am partnering with a number of our staff members to share more widely about particular ministries. The end I have in mind is that these ministries will be more widely known so that they can be even more of a resource to local settings. The territory that will be covered is broad but over a period of months through NewsNet and the conference website we will all learn from and celebrate specific approaches to fulfill the mission of "making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

With the March 30, 2016 edition of NewsNet we start a five-part series on the Missional Church. Rev. Sue Nilson Kibbey, Director our Office of Missional Church Development will be sharing The Missional Church Defined: Five Habits. 

Yours in Christ,

+Gregory V. Palmer

Series and links:

The Missional Church Defined: Five Habits by Rev. Sue Nilson Kibbey