Bishop's Schedule

The Bishop's schedule as displayed is not comprehensive. Every meeting in which the Bishop is involved is not listed. Some days are blocked out for study and preparation, sabbath and travel and may not appear on this schedule. The Bishop seeks to respond to invitations that advance the mission of The United Methodist Church and reflect the mission and diversity of the Annual Conference.

If you wish to invite the Bishop to preach/teach at your church or event, please send your invitation on your church letterhead. It may be attached to an email addressed to Nancy Riley, Executive Secretary to the Bishop, at nriley [at] Invitations that come via text message will not be considered.

Please know that Bishop Palmer typically does not make a decision on a particular date sooner than six months ahead of the requested date. For missional reasons, he reserves the right to make the decision about your invitation closer to the time you are requesting him to participate in your event. If a decision can be made sooner, we will be certain to let you know. If you have any questions or need other information, you are welcome to contact Nancy by nriley [at] (email )or by phone at either 614.844.6200 extension 215 or toll free at 1.800.437.0028 extension 215. Check back periodically to note changes and to keep Bishop Palmer and his ministry among us in your prayers.

2-5 Council of Bishops On line
4 Bishop's Weekly Prayer Facebook Live
8 Preaching Johnstown UMC, Johnstown, Ohio
9 Executive Team Zoom
10 WOC All Boards  Zoom
11 Bishop's Weekly Prayer Facebook Live
17-19 Cabinet Zoom
18 Bishop's Weekly Prayer Facebook Live
25 Bishop's Weekly Prayer Facebook Live
26-27 Thanksgiving Conference Center is Closed
29 Preaching Church For All People
2 Bishop's Weekly Prayer Facebook Live
9-11 Cabinet  
9 Bishop's Weekly Prayer Facebook Live
10 UMPH Executive Committee On Line
16 Bishop's Weekly Prayer

Facebook Live

24-25 Christmas Conference Center Closed