Available Personnel Committee

The Available Personnel Committee (APC) consists of members of the Cabinet and members of the Board of Ordained Ministry who are responsible for reviewing, interviewing and recommending potential candidates for appointment to the Cabinet for those wishing to transfer in to the West Ohio Conference whether from another United Methodist conference or another denomination.

If you are interested in sharing in the ministry of Jesus Christ in the West Ohio Conference please submit an email suggesting your intent and interest along with your resume to the Cabinet Administrative Coordinator, TJill Philipp, by email at jphilipp [at] wocumc.org (.)  

Once you have submitted that email, submit all three online documents listed below to Jill Philipp via email atjphilipp [at] wocumc.org ( )jphilipp [at] wocumc.org. (For your convenience we have provided all the forms as downloadable PDF documents.)

  1. Available Personnel Committee Application
  2. Pastor Self-Profile Form
  3. Permission to Release Information Form

Application Preparation: For preparing to complete the application mentioned above (especially if you are not United Methodist) review the following chapters from Part VI, Organization and Administration in The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2016 which is available from www.cokesbury.org

  • Part VI, Chapter Two, The Ministry of the Ordained:
    • Section I. The Meaning of Ordination and Conference Membership (¶¶ 301-304) page 223
    • Section X. Appointments to Various Ministries (¶¶ 337-342) page 271
    • Section XII. Clergy from Other Annual Conferences, Other Methodist and Christian Denominations (¶¶  346-348) page 286
  • Part VI, Chapter Three, The Superintendency: Section VIII. Appointment-making (¶¶ 425-430) page 347

These three completed forms will then be considered by the Available Personnel Committee, which consists of members of the Cabinet and members of the Board of Ordained Ministry. If you are approved for further consideration you will be scheduled for an interview. A successful interview will result in your name being placed on the Cabinet’s list of “Persons Available for an Appointment.”  If the Cabinet makes a decision to appoint you, the District Superintendent for that appointment will make the contact with you. Typically, appointments are made between January 15 and June 1, with leadership responsibilities beginning July 1.

If you have questions, please contact Jill Philipp via email at jphilipp [at] wocumc.org.