2021 Recommendations Update

Below is a list of the action taken for each recommendation brought before the 2021 Annual Conference. You can view each recommendation online in the Book of Reports by clicking here.

Recommendation #1: Council on Finance and Administration Recommendations Calendar Year 2022 - Submitted by Rev. Paula Stewart, Chair, Council on Finance & Administration
PASSED (as is with editorial correction: Book of Reports page 41, lines 22 and 24—change 2020 to 2021)The 2022 budget was adopted as presented. Conference is well positioned financially to continue training leaders and equipping local churches to transform people and communities. Financial resources continue to be in place to fulfill our promises to retirees. The Board of Pensions requested no apportionment support for 2022. The amount apportioned in 2022 reflects a 3.3% reduction over 2021 apportionments. Since 2018, it is lower by 21%. The 2022 budget will replace eight separate district apportioned funds with a single aggregate district fund. 

Recommendation #22022 Recommendation Commission on Equitable Compensation - Submitted by Rev. Kurt King, Chair
PASSED. The 2022 Equitable Compensation recommendation was adopted as presented. Minimum salaries increase 2% for each credential. The committee sought to balance the needs of appointed clergy and the financial challenges of the local church.

Recommendation #3: 2022 Board of Pensions and Health Benefits - Submitted by Board of Pensions and Health Benefits, Rev. Anna Guillozet, Chair
PASSEDEligibility for retiree and health care plans did not change. The recommendation reported the board’s plan to implement a Health Reimbursement Account approach for retiree healthcare, replacing the employer sponsored group plan. This is in partnership with VIA Benefits and Wespath. Pre-1982 pension plan years of service will increase to $623 per month, an increase from $611 over 2021.

Recommendation #4: Delegation Resolution Re: Christmas Covenant - Submitted on behalf of the West Ohio Delegation to General and Jurisdictional Conferences
REFERRED to West Ohio Conference General and Jurisdictional Conference delegations. The West Ohio Conference referred the recommendation back to the delegation for further study and review alongside the Protocol. The Christmas Covenant legislation would establish regions across the denomination, including the United States. It was authored and advanced by delegates in Central Conferences. The West Ohio general and jurisdictional delegations supported the legislation. The resolution asked the West Ohio Conference to fully support the Christmas Covenant, the leadership of Central Conference delegates and encouraged West Ohio General Conference delegates to support the Christmas Covenant and send a letter to the General Conference Secretary in support of the legislation. 

Recommendation #5Loved as the Image of God - Submitted by the West Ohio UMC Next Steering Team
PASSED. West Ohio Annual Conference desires to be aligned with a United Methodist Church witness that is inclusive of all people and is theologically diverse.

Recommendation #6Call to West Ohio Annual Conference to Recognize and Validate Persons' Calls to Ordination Without Prejudice Toward Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity - Submitted by the Central Ohio Reconciling Ministries Team
TABLEDThe recommendation asked that the Board of Ordained Ministry consider requests for ordination and conference membership without prejudice toward a candidate’s sexual ordination or gender identity.

Prior to annual conference two Informational Sessions were held virtually via Zoom for each recommendation. This provided members a chance to learn more about the recommendations and to ask questions.

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