2017 Church/Charge Conference Reporting

This year church/charge conference forms and annual reports will be entered and submitted online and added to your church’s record in the West Ohio Conference “Connection” database. 

Frequently Asked Questions   


Steps for Printing the Blank Forms, Data Entry and Online Submission: 

  1. Log in to reports area:
    Your church’s “Church Data Administrator(s)” will log in on the home page of the West Ohio Conference website ( After logging in, click on “MyChurch” under “My Options” in the left column on the home page. 

  2. MyChurch Dashboard:
    Your church name should automatically appear at the top of the page. If you have multiple churches, click on MyChurch in the menu and your other church names should appear. Click on the one you want to work on now. 

  3. Charge Conference:
    After selecting the correct church, click on Charge Conference in the menu, then 2017. A web page with step-by-step instructions for downloading worksheets, entering data, printing copies and submitting final forms will appear.  

  4. Enter data and print completed forms:
    Church Data Administrators may enter data collected from worksheets on the online forms, save, exit and return to edit data multiple times as needed. Print the completed forms to take to charge conference, along with the paper signature page. 

  5. Save, edit, submit: 
    After charge conference, make any data corrections needed, upload a copy of the minutes, upload the signed signature page and submit. 

Resources: (After logging in, all of these are also available at "Local Church Reports".)