Frequently Asked Questions for Church/Charge Conference Forms

What is the Connection database: All churches in the West Ohio Conference have a record in this online conference database that stores data about West Ohio churches in a centralized location.

Who can access this data: Church data for your church is accessible ONLY by those persons designated by your church as “Church Data Administrators” and by conference and district staff with appropriate permission.  

Church Data Administrators: “Church Data Administrators” only have access to their own church’s information in the database. All appointed/assigned clergy are automatically designated as Church Data Administrators, as well as those persons from each church who currently enter the weekly data for Breakthrough Goals. The pastor may request that others from their church have access to church data by contacting their district office.  

Why switch to online data entry for reporting:  With a centralized online database, information useful to church leaders and the Cabinet are easily accessible and viewable in a variety of formats. Many form fields will automatically be populated by information stored in the database from previous form submissions, which helps with accuracy and saves your staff time by not having to enter the same information multiple times. Also if paper forms from previous years are lost or misplaced, Church Data Administrators will be able to access previously entered data in their online church record.

Is entering data online required: All church/charge conference data and annual reports will be entered online for every church.  If your church is unable to enter the data online itself, contact your district office for assistance. 

How to use the worksheets: The worksheets are primarily for you to use as you gather information to enter into the online system. 

Difference between a Church Conference and a Charge Conference:  The charge conference is the basic governing body of each United Methodist local church and is composed of all members of the church council (or administrative board or leadership team). A church conference invites broader participation of the members of the congregation beyond just the church council members in that all members of a local United Methodist church are invited to attend and are extended the privilege of vote. All members of the charge or church conference must be members of the local church.

Required signatures when submitting online: The online forms include the ability to have each required leader sign electronically after logging into the conference website.  Alternately you may also print a paper copy of the signature page, have it signed, then scan and upload during final submission.