Building Bridges of Opportunity

Thank you to the 500+ presenters and participants who made our first Building Bridges Community Experience an opportunity for connection and collaboration in a virtual community.

Here is what some of our participants and presenters have to say about their Community Experience...
What an amazing event... Given this was virtual with 500 attendees and numerous sessions, I think it went excellent and I would grade it at A+!!  I learned a lot, reconnected with old friends and had a blast.  Thank you and your team for a job well done!!” - Presenter & Participant

For the first time I was able to see the bigger picture on all of the services available throughout Ohio. Great to see the faces and hear the folks live that I have been communicating with to help reentering citizens. This event was a very uplifting and powerful experience for me to meet (on line) and hear the folks that are working daily to assist the returning population.” – Participant

"Seeing/hearing so many passionately involved people who are dedicated to improving the System! It was amazing and inspiring.” – Participant

For me engaging with reentry professionals, currently incarcerated, and restored citizens and being able to discuss different viewpoints of reentry efforts and experiences has been extremely motiving. Subsequent to this experience (along with other factors) we are refocusing our efforts and are actively determining the next action items.” – Participant

Weren’t able to participate? Missed a few sessions? Check under our Resources tab for Webinar and Podcast recordings of several Community Experience sessions.

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Building Bridges Planning Partners

  • West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church
    • Rev. David Meredith
    • Ms. Reba Collins,
    • Ms. Teresa Daniels
    • Rev. Kathi Herington
    • Rev. Vaughn Cook
    • Rev. Debo Onabanjo
  • Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
    • Dr. Mike Davis
    • Mr. Darryl Graves
    • Ms. Jennifer Nail
  • Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives
    • Director Michele Reynolds
    • Deputy Director Tia Ramey
  • Ohio Commission on Fatherhood
    • Director Kimberly Dent
  • United Methodist Women
    • Ms. Jeanne Long
    • Ms. Beth Vanoli
  • University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute
    • Ms. Jennifer Scott
  • University of Cincinnati Dept. of Criminal Justice
    • Dr. Eva Kishimoto
    • Dr. Ben Feldmeyer
  • Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs
    • Mr. Michael Daniels
  • Ohio Association of Local Reentry Coalitions (OALRC)
    • Mr. Tom Luettke
    • Ms. Jamie Gee
    • Ms. Diane Bricker
    • Ms. Kysten Palmore
    • Mr. Shawn Stover
    • Ms. Sandy Monfort
  • Ennis Tait Ministries/SBCOTLG
    • Rev. Ennis Tait
  • Hamilton County Office of Reentry
    • Ms. Trina Jackson
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati
    • Ms. Marcie Langendorfer
  • Sinclair Community College
    • Ms. Maya Murray
    • Ms. Cheryl Taylor
  • Strenthening the Black Church for the 21st Century
    • Ms. Toska Medlock-Lee
  • Ohio Justice and Policy Center
    • Ms. Alicia Miller
  • Business Technical Services
    • Mr. Jim Vickers
  • US Parole Southeast Ohio
    • Ms. Marquita Howard
  • Ohio Department of Youth Services
    • Mr. Donald Bean
    • Ms. Kysten Palmore
  • Montgomery County Office of Reentry
    • Ms. Jamie Gee
  • Vincentian OH Action Network & Accompanying Returning Citizens with HOPE
    • Ms. Wendy Tarr
    • Ms. Vanita Nevis
  • The Four Seven Ministries
    • Ms. Kim Elliott
    • Mr. Joe Domiano
  • City Gospel Mission
    • Ms. Carol Posthuma

Current Sponsors

  • West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church
  • Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs
  • Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century
  • Business Technical Services
  • Mission Foundation of the Ohio River Valley