Building Bridges of Opportunity

Building Bridges of Opportunity serves to intentionally foster connection and collaboration between individual and organizations from public, plural and private sectors for the purposes of building healthier, more equitable and justice communities. Throughout the year, Building Bridges Planning Partners offer state-wide events. In these gatherings, we offer tools and resources for going back into local communities with new connections and potential collaborations. Each year, the Building Bridges planning team offers a unique opportunity to our communities to come together around issues of social and racial justice at their fall Community Experience.


Saturday Circles


Saturday,  June 26, 10 - 11:30AM

This restorative space is for community members who are living with a loved one’s reentry or who want to become a better ally to friends and loved one who are. This Saturday Circle offers you an understanding, safe, empathetic community. The goal of this Listening Circle is to create space for shared emotional connection about the impact of reentry in families. We aim to support individuals and help communities that have been harmed by exploring the collective experience together.

When participating in a Listening Circle, you have the responsibility to listen and an opportunity to be heard. This is not a space for debate. Together, we will hold space for sharing of our experiences, acknowledging our individual and collective suffering and finding strength to face the future in whatever way that comes.

Advanced Zoom registration required:

Questions? Contact Reba Collins at allincommunity [at] or download the PDF flyer on the Listening Circles schedule here

BUILDING BRIDGES of Opportunity Community Conversations

Topic: Advocacy to End the Death Penalty 

Thursday, August 20th @ Noon on Zoom

Every Second Saturday Series


Saturday,  June 12, 10AM-Noon 

This session continues the continuum of care in the Healing Communities framework for supporting successful reentry. Healing Communities is a restorative justice approach for ministry with incarcerated men and women, their families, and the larger community. This national training model helps congregations, through mobilization of their existing resources, to walk with persons and family members through their lived experiences of reentry and reintegration into family and community.

This session provides real, tangible ministry steps you can take to be the healing hands and feet of Jesus with justice-involved persons .

Presenters:  James Clay (Restored Citizen) and Jami Nathan from the All In Community Leadership Team 

Advanced Zoom registration required  

Questions? Contact Reba Collins at allincommunity [at] or download the PDF flyer for the Every Second Saturday Series here
Sponsored by the All In Community initiative of the West Ohio Conference, the Every Second Saturday Series provides free monthly discipleship and equipping environments for doing justice, loving kindness and humbly walking in the midst of justice-involved experiences.

Tuesday Talks Series with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

TOPIC: Child Support Done Right :: Fact vs Fiction

July 12, 6-7:30PM on Zoom

Child Support Orders Impacts Everyone Who Cares
Child support orders don’t go away with a  parent’s incarceration. Understanding and managing child support orders appropriately during incarceration helps loving caregivers on the outside and sets up parents for better success when they return home.
Join us for this session when experts share what is true about child support and what is not. They will share information on how to manage child support orders during incarceration and  walk through an incarcerated parent’s child support options.  
Armed with the right facts, good information, and options makes managing child support orders easier for everyone.

Guest Presenters: 

Leslie Owens, Human Services Program Administrator 3, Office of Child Support, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Amy Rice, Human Services Program Administrator 3, Office of Child Support, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Lisa Dolan, Outreach Coordinator, Summit County Child Support Enforcement Agency

Advanced Zoom registration is required.

Questions for the presenters should be submitted when registering.

Questions about registration? Contact Darryl Graves at Darryl.Graves [at]

Tuesday Talks provide family members of incarcerated adults, community members and local reentry stakeholders information regarding statewide initiatives designed to remove barriers to successful reentry and build bridges to better reintegration opportunities. Tuesday Talks occur every two months on Zoom on the second Tuesday from 6 - 7:30PM.

Ministry Mondays

TOPIC: 72-Hour Pack Pilot Project

Monday, June 28, 7:000-8:30PM

The first 72 hours of a person’s released from incarceration are some of their most vulnerable hours. When there is not adequate support during this initial phase of reentry, our returning neighbors often respond out of desperation of need instead of hope for a better future. For these individuals, the first 72-hours after release are often lonely, hopeless, overwhelming and confusing transition periods. Many fall down in the gap without the presence of a caring handoff back into community.

Join 72-Hour Pack Pilot Program developers to learn about pilot projects designed to fill reentry gaps with both tangible help and hopeful presence by supplying returning neighbors with essential self-care items needed immediately upon reentry to a local community.
Plan to attend this Ministry Monday if you are interested in assisting returning neighbors in restoring their dignity, identity, safety, and self-worth by participating in current pilot projects or starting your own.

Advanced Zoom registration is required:

Contact Reba Collins at with questions.

Hosted by All In Community of the West Ohio Conference.

From Lived Experience to Leaders Live Video Chat


Thursday, June 17th , Noon on Zoom

Jesus developed leaders rejected by the world to change the world.... So can we.
In faith-based ministry, how often do we pay attention to developing leaders within the ranks of those we serve? When we embrace leadership development as a form of discipleship, it leads to transformation.

Join us for a lively and helpful leadership discussion with guests form Faith Freedom Life, whose mission is to provide community and connections to inspire hope and help transform the lives of families of the incarcerated.

Guests: Michelle Lewis and Barb Vogt, Faith Freedom Life 

Advanced Zoom registration is required:

Contact Reba Collins at allincommunity [at] with questions. 

Hosted by All In Community of the West Ohio Conference. 

Want to keep abreast of upcoming Building Bridges of Opportunity events and gatherings? There are three ways to keep connected and foster collaboration between your fellow community members.

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Building Bridges Planning Partners

  • West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church
    • Rev. David Meredith
    • Ms. Reba Collins,
    • Rev. Vaughn Cook
    • Rev. Debo Onabanjo
  • Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
    • Dr. Mike Davis
    • Mr. Darryl Graves
    • Ms. Jennifer Nail
  • Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives
    • Director Michele Reynolds
  • Ohio Commission on Fatherhood
    • Director Kimberly Dent
  • United Methodist Women
    • Ms. Jeanne Long
    • Ms. Beth Vanoli
  • University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute
    • Ms. Jennifer Scott
  • University of Cincinnati Dept. of Criminal Justice
    • Dr. Ben Feldmeyer
  • Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs
  • Ohio Association of Local Reentry Coalitions (OALRC)
    • Mr. Tom Luettke
    • Ms. Jamie Gee
    • Ms. Diane Bricker
    • Ms. Kysten Palmore
    • Mr. Shawn Stover
    • Ms. Sandy Monfort
  • Ennis Tait Ministries/SBCOTLG
    • Rev. Ennis Tait
  • Hamilton County Office of Reentry
    • Ms. Trina Jackson
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati
    • Ms. Marcie Langendorfer
  • Sinclair Community College
    • Ms. Maya Murray
    • Ms. Cheryl Taylor
  • Ohio Justice and Policy Center
    • Ms. Alicia Miller
  • Business Technical Services
    • Mr. Jim Vickers
  • US Parole Southeast Ohio
    • Ms. Marquita Howard
  • Ohio Department of Youth Services
    • Mr. Donald Bean
    • Ms. Kysten Palmore
  • Montgomery County Office of Reentry
    • Ms. Jamie Gee
  • Vincentian OH Action Network & Accompanying Returning Citizens with HOPE
    • Ms. Wendy Tarr
    • Ms. Vanita Nevis
  • The Four Seven Ministries
    • Ms. Kim Elliott
    • Mr. Joe Domiano




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