Building Bridges of Opportunity

October 1-2 I Online I 9AM-3PM

Do you need an infusion of hope right now? Are you tired of trying to figure it out without wearing out?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you actually had a group of co-laborers focused on surfacing solutions to our current COVID-19 reentry challenges?

The Building Bridges of Opportunity Community Experience is designed for you. It brings together organization, government, & faith leaders, community practitioners, ministry volunteers, and people with lived reentry experiences to discover our collective empathy, strength, innovation, wisdom, and connection for responding to reentry needs during the pandemic and beyond.

The Building Bridges Community Experience offers participants a unique blend of safe and encouraging spaces, learnings communities and engagement opportunities for the purposes of...

...surfacing current collective realities in common community contexts;
...informing each other on reentry best practices and pivots during this season of uncertainty;
...moving us into connection with strategic reentry partnerships and collaborative efforts;
...providing space for emerging reentry strategies and solutions to surface. 

It will help us rise to the unprecedented challenge of Building Bridges of Opportunity for men, women, and families coming home because we won’t be doing it alone. 

In the face of our country’s current challenges, new hope and new opportunities are rising through deeper connections and broader collaborations. The Building Bridges collaborative recognizes that, in this season, our collective voices, presence, and clarity are the next best thing to certainty and control. And together, we can lead the way to a more hopeful future for all of us by being in community on October 1-2.

Building Bridges Planning Partners

  • West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church
    • Rev. David Meredith
    • Ms. Reba Collins,
    • Ms. Teresa Daniels
    • Rev. Kathi Herington
    • Rev. Vaughn Cook
    • Rev. Debo Onabanjo
  • Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
    • Dr. Mike Davis
    • Mr. Darryl Graves
    • Ms. Jennifer Nail
  • Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives
    • Director Michele Reynolds
    • Deputy Director Tia Ramey
  • Ohio Commission on Fatherhood
    • Director Kimberly Dent
  • United Methodist Women
    • Ms. Jeanne Long
    • Ms. Beth Vanoli
  • University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute
    • Ms. Jennifer Scott
  • University of Cincinnati Dept. of Criminal Justice
    • Dr. Eva Kishimoto
    • Dr. Ben Feldmeyer
  • Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs
    • Mr. Michael Daniels
  • Ohio Association of Local Reentry Coalitions (OALRC)
    • Mr. Tom Luettke
    • Ms. Jamie Gee
    • Ms. Diane Bricker
    • Ms. Kysten Palmore
    • Mr. Shawn Stover
    • Ms. Sandy Monfort
  • Ennis Tait Ministries/SBCOTLG
    • Rev. Ennis Tait
  • Hamilton County Office of Reentry
    • Ms. Trina Jackson
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati
    • Ms. Marcie Langendorfer
  • Sinclair Community College
    • Ms. Maya Murray
    • Ms. Cheryl Taylor
  • Strenthening the Black Church for the 21st Century
    • Ms. Toska Medlock-Lee
  • Ohio Justice and Policy Center
    • Ms. Alicia Miller
  • Business Technical Services
    • Mr. Jim Vickers
  • US Parole Southeast Ohio
    • Ms. Marquita Howard
  • Ohio Department of Youth Services
    • Mr. Donald Bean
    • Ms. Kysten Palmore
  • Montgomery County Office of Reentry
    • Ms. Jamie Gee
  • Vincentian OH Action Network & Accompanying Returning Citizens with HOPE
    • Ms. Wendy Tarr
    • Ms. Vanita Nevis
  • The Four Seven Ministries
    • Ms. Kim Elliott
    • Mr. Joe Domiano
  • City Gospel Mission
    • Ms. Carol Posthuma

Current Sponsors

  • West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church
  • Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs
  • Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century
  • Business Technical Services
  • Mission Foundation of the Ohio River Valley