Building Bridges of Opportunity

October 1-3, 2020 I Cincinnati, OH

Due to the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, the opening registration date for the Building Bridges Conference has been pushed back. New registration dates will be given in May. Thank you for understanding and please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

We believe every person can thrive when we invest relationally in resourcing community members who desire to see their community restored and transformed.  The Building Bridges: Restorative Transformation conference is a 2 1/2-day experience of partnering, collaborating, and building social capital for creating more resilient families, healing trauma in our communities, and responding toward successful reentry.

The Building Bridges: Restorative Transformation conference brings together organization, government, and faith leaders with community practitioners, ministry volunteers, and people with lived experiences for a reframing of the future. The conference’s unique blend of participants, learning sessions, and engagement opportunities move you beyond projects and programs to a new way of being in this world.

This conference is designed for you to leave equipped and engaged with strategic partners and solutions to generate more opportunities for every member of your community to thrive. In addition, you will discover intentional experiences to fuel your own tank and receive nurturing of your soul. Restored and transformed together, we can rise  to the challenge of Building Bridges of Opportunity. 

We look forward to seeing you in October.   

Venue & Accommodations:                                                                                               

Graduate Cincinnati

151 Goodman Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

The Graduate Cincinnati is a full-service conference and hotel center. It is located in the middle of the University of Cincinnati’s medical community and is two blocks from UC’s campus. We have negotiated a rate of $139.00 per night per room for participants who want to take full advantage of the conference. Room reservations are made directly through the hotel here.

Planning Partners

  • West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church
    • Rev. David Meredith
    • Ms. Reba Collins,
    • Ms. Teresa Daniels
    • Rev. Kathi Herington
    • Rev. Vaughn Cook
    • Rev. Debo Onabanjo
  • Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
    • Dr. Mike Davis
    • Mr. Gary Croft
    • Mr. Darryl Graves
    • Ms. Jennifer Nail
  • Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives
    • Director Michele Reynolds
    • Deputy Director Tia Ramey
  • Ohio Commission on Fatherhood
    • Director Kimberly Dent
  • United Methodist Women
    • Ms. Jeanne Long
    • Ms. Beth Vanoli
  • University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute
    • Ms. Jennifer Scott
  • University of Cincinnati Dept. of Criminal Justice
    • Dr. Eva Kishimoto
    • Dr. Ben Feldmeyer
  • Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs
    • Mr. Michael Daniels
  • Cincinnati City Council
    • Ms. Tamaya Dennard
  • Back2Back Ministries
    • Mr. Michael Sickle
  • People’s Church East
    • Pastor Henry Flowers
  • The Dented Fender Ministry
    • Ms. Barb Lownsbury
  • Ennis Tait Ministries/SBCOTLG
    • Rev. Ennis Tait
  • Butler-Warren Reentry Coalition
    • Ms. Katrina Wilson
  • Securus Foundation
    • Ms. Dawn Freeman
    • Ms. Tonyita Hopkins
    • Ms. Charlotte Calhoun
  • Hamilton County Office of Reentry
    • Ms. Trina Jackson
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati
    • Ms. Marcie Langendorfer
    • Ms. Amber Brown
  • Sinclair Community College
    • Ms. Maya Murray
    • Ms. Cheryl Taylor
  • SBC21
    • Ms. Toska Medlock-Lee
  • Ohio Justice and Policy Center
    • Ms. Alicia Miller
    • Ms. Tyra Patterson
  • Business Technical Services
    • Mr. Jim Vickers
  • US Parole Southeast Ohio
    • Ms. Marquita Howard
  • Ohio Department of Youth Services
    • Mr. Donald Bean
  • Montgomery County Office of Reentry
    • Ms. Jamie Gee
  • Vincentian OH Action Network & Accompanying Returning Citizens with HOPE
    • Ms. Wendy Tarr
    • Ms. Vanita Nevis
  • The Four Seven Ministries
    • Ms. Kim Elliott
    • Mr. Joe Domiano
  • City Gospel Mission
    • Ms. Carol Posthuma

Current Sponsors

  • West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church
  • Franklin County Office of Justice Policy & Programs
  • Governor’s Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives
  • SBC21
  • Securus Foundation
  • Business Technical Services
  • Prison Fellowship
  • Mission Foundation of the Ohio River Valley
  • UMW-UMC Mission U