2021 Informational Sessions for Recommendations

Below is a list of the virtual informational sessions for each of the recommendations for the 2021 Annual Conference to be held via Zoom. It is suggested that you participate in one of the two sessions for each recommendation. You will have a chance to learn more about each recommendation and you will be given the chance to ask questions about the recommendation. If you want to contact the leader directly or submit a question, their email is listed below. Registration is required to participate in a session. To register, click a session below.
Note: All sessions will be recorded.

 If you want to contact the leader directly or submit a question, their email is listed below. Each recommendation can be found in the Book of Reports by clicking here.

  • Recommendation #1: Council on Finance and Administration Recommendations Calendar Year 2022 - Submitted by Rev. Paula Stewart, Chair, Council on Finance & Administration
    Presenters: Rev. Paula Stewart and Bill Brownson
  • Recommendation #2: 2022 Recommendation Commission on Equitable Compensation - Submitted by Rev. Kurt King, Chair
    Presenters: Rev. Kurt King and Jack Frost
  • Recommendation #3: 2022 Board of Pensions and Health Benefits - Submitted by Board of Pensions and Health Benefits, Rev. Anna Guillozet, Chair
    Rev. Anna Guillozet, Bill Brownson, Mike Kremnitzer, and Kelly Wittich (Wespath)
    • Session 1 on Monday, May 10 at 3:00 pm
    • Session 2 on Thursday, May 13 at 7:00 pm
      If you have questions please contact Mike Kremnitzer at mkremnitzer [at] (subject: Question%3A%20Recommendation%20%233%20for%20Informational%20Session)
  • mkremnitzer [at] (​)Recommendation #4: Delegation Resolution Re: Christmas Covenant - Submitted on behalf of the West Ohio Delegation to General and Jurisdictional Conferences
    Rev. Roger Grace, George Howard, and Bill Brownson
  • Recommendation #5: Loved as the Image of God - Submitted by the West Ohio UMC Next Steering Team
    Presenters: Rev. Lori Reiber
    • Session 1 on Tuesday, May 11 at 12:00 pm
    • Session 2 on Monday, May 17 at 6:30 pm
      If you have questions please contact Rev. Lori Reiber at pastorlori.oumc [at] (subject: Question%3A%20Recommendation%20%235%20for%20Informational%20Session)
  • Recommendation #6: Call to West Ohio Annual Conference to Recognize and Validate Persons' Calls to Ordination Without Prejudice Toward Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity - Submitted by the Central Ohio Reconciling Ministries Team
    Presenters: Rev. Kevin Orr, Rev. David Meredith and Rev. Deb Stevens

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