2020 Annual Conference

Mark your calendars for the 2020 Annual Conference
When? Sunday, June 7 - Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Where? Hoover Auditorium at Lakeside Chautauqua

Advance information about annual conference will be emailed to all members in the months and weeks leading up to the June session. To receive information from West Ohio please be sure your record is up to date by contacting your district office.


Unable to Attend?
Clergy Members: If you are a Clergy member and unable to attend, you must seek permission from the Annual Conference Secretary, Rev. Amy Haines to be excused. You can make your request online by clicking here.
Lay Members: If you are unable to fulfill their role as Lay Member to Annual Conference representing a local church, you should contact your pastor. Lay Members At Large should contact their district office.