Overnight Accommodations

General Information: There are 3 categories of overnight accommodations during annual conference.

  1. Onsite accommodations secured through the registration process which begins March 1, 2019
  2. Onsite cottage & house rentals not secured through registration,
  3. Offsite Accommodations: for options click here

To request onsite accommodations you must register for annual conference. Once you have completed your registration you will be directed to a confirmation screen that will contain a link to request onsite accommodations. Onsite accommodations can only be requested using the link provided on the confirmation screen. You WILL NOT be able to email or call Lakeside directly to reserve onsite accommodations. Accommodations available to request are Hotel Lakeside, Cabins, Wo-Ho-Mis Dorms, Hilltop Dorms, and the Campground. Please note that a request does not guarantee a reservation.

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