2019 Overnight Accommodations

To request onsite accommodations go to www.westohioumc.org/ac/2019/HousingRequest

General Information: There are 3 categories of overnight accommodations during annual conference.

  1. Onsite Cottage & House Rentals not secured through registration, www.lakesideohio.com/accommodations/cottage-rentals
  2. Offsite Accommodations: for options click here
  3. Onsite Accommodations secured through a request made using an online form beginning April 1 at 10:00 am.
  • Hotel Lakeside: Standard room = $99 + tax per night
  • Hilltop Annex Dorms = $25 + tax per night
  • Hilltop House Dorms = $25 + tax per night
  • Wo Ho Mis Dormitory = $25 + tax per night
  • Cabins (6 people) = $49 + tax per night (capped at $119 per family)
  • Cabins (10 people) = $39 + tax per night (capped at $99 per family)
  • Campground = Rates vary
    Current tax rate is 10%

To request onsite accommodations you must be a member of the annual conference.  You WILL NOT be able to email or call Lakeside directly to reserve onsite accommodations. Accommodations available to request are Hotel Lakeside, Cabins, Wo-Ho-Mis Dorms, Hilltop Dorms, and the Campground. Please note that a request does not guarantee a reservation.

Accommodations for Youth Lay Members Under Age 21: We welcome youth lay members to annual conference and ask that churches and district offices aid those youth in finding proper accommodations. Youth under age 21 who are serving as Lay Members to Annual Conference from their church or Lay Members-at-Large from their district must find accommodations with adult chaperones or guardians. Lakeside Chautauqua only allows those age 21 and over to rent housing or reserve rooms at the hotel and other facilities on-site.

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