Election & Voting Guide Information

Caucuses, Groups and Persons

In order to prepare Caucus groups’ slates for distribution before the Tuesday morning session of Annual Conference (the electronic voting day) we need the information returned to us by Wednesday, May 15th. You may do this by sending it by email to us at bboyd [at] amosmedia.com and cyndylg [at] aol.com

Please send the slates in the priority order you want the names listed. We will be printing one edition of this list.

As you are aware there will be additional persons eligible to be elected beyond those in the Voter Guide. Additional laity will be nominated and receive numbers, and ordinands will be given numbers following their election at the clergy session. Since we are focusing voting on one day, we will not be able to make adjustments to the listing. We will remind persons to cross out anyone already elected and to not vote for them. We ask that you share this information with your respective groups as well.

All persons in the Voter’s Guide have signed the Covenant agreement. We ask that Caucuses do so as well. Secondly, any persons listed on the Slates must also have a signed covenant. Send the signed Covenant agreement to us with your slate or to the West Ohio Conference by May 15, 2019 at elections [at] wocumc.org.

If you are a candidate, it is essential that any caucus that lists you must have agreed to the Covenant and followed the above instructions to have their listing be included. 

Distribution Policy for Election Materials

If you are wanting to use the mailing ability of The West Ohio Conference to distribute items, please contact Kay Panovec (Kpanovec [at] wocumc.org) to review the process and timing. Please email to us any information you want to distribute so we can approve it using our guidelines before you send it to Kay.

Additional Information

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