Presentation Submission Form

Our goal is to assist you in making the best possible presentation at Annual Conference including a well timed presentation, high quality graphics, and excellent camera and stage presence. In order to do that, any person making a presentation or speaking at any time on the Hoover Auditorium stage during the 2018 Annual Conference is required to submit the following information about their presentation BEFORE Monday, May 21, 2018

  1. An electronic copy of the text from your speech or presentation (your written script)
  2. An outline of activities and movements happening onstage during your presentation
  3. A copy of all media being used (PowerPoint, Graphics, Video, Music DVD)

Other questions? Please contact Kay Panovec at kpanovec [at] or 614-844-6200 x329 with any questions on presentation content or Tim McCoy at tmccoy [at] or 614-844-6200 x227 with any questions on scheduling your presentation.

Presenter Information
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