Request to Host an Event

The West Ohio Annual Conference Planning Team, chaired by Rev. Dr. Jim Wilson, is responsible for designing and planning annual conference1. This year, the team changed the process for requesting event space during annual conference. The Episcopal Office will work with the planning team and decide which events will get scheduled at the various venues (day, time & location). These events will be directly related to the offices of the Officers of The Conference which are the Episcopal Office, District Superintendents, Connectional Ministries, Missional Church Development, Treasures Office, Council On Development, Office of Ministry, Conference Secretary's Office and the Chancellor's Office2. Once assigned, other groups will have the chance to request to reserve event space for available venues on open dates/times with priority given to organizations considered Agencies and Institutions of The West Ohio Conference and then those considered Affiliated Organizations of The West Ohio Annual Conference3. Please direct any questions about the process to Tim McCoy, Event Producer at tmccoy [at] (subject: Question%20-%20Event%20Space%20Requests) .

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