2018 Annual Conference Registration

Registration for annual conference ended May 23.


  • Who is required to register? All clergy and lay members of the annual conference are required to register. Non-member spouses and guests do not need to register.
  • How do I register if I do not have access to a computer or the internet? Please contact your district office.
  • Once registered, do I still need to check-in once when I arrive? Yes, you must check-in at South Auditorium to receive your name tag and other materials.
  • Is there a registration fee? No, however members are responsible for their own expenses related to travel, housing and meals.
  • How do I confirm that I am a Lay Member of the West Ohio Annual Conference? Please contact your district office.
  • I am clergy but I have questions about my membership status, who do I contact? Please contact your district office.
  • I am unable to attend, who should I contact? Clergy Members must request permission from the Annual Conference Secretary, Rev. Amy Haines to be excused. You can make your request online by clicking hereLay Members representing a local church, should contact their pastor. Lay Members At Large should contact their district office.
  • How do I request overnight accommodations at a Lakeside Chautauqua facility? Once you register, you will receive a confirmation notice that will include a link to request overnight accommodations. This is available ONLY to Clergy and Lay Members of Annual Conference. To read more click here.

Map of Lakeside Chautauqua


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