Preparing For Annual Conference

Registration for Annual Conference is required. There is no fee for attending the event; however, members are responsible for their own travel, housing and meal expenses. Even though you register online members will still need to check-in at South Auditorium when they arrive. Check-in begins on Sunday, June 3 at 1:00 pm. 

Overnight accommodation requests can be made online once a member registers for Annual Conference. On-site options include one hotel, various dormitory accommodations, cabins and the campground. Lakeside Chautauqua offers other on-site options such as cottages, etc. as well off-site options such as cottages, hotels, campgrounds, etc. 

The Book of Reports provides all members copies of recommendations to be voted on during annual conference, and an overview of the week's activities. The 2018 Book of Reports will be distributed to all members in early May.

Pre-annual conference briefings are held in each district during the month of May to review the upcoming Annual Conference session and provide important information for members. Please check with your district office as to when and where your district briefing will be held. 

Requests to host an event during annual conference are no longer being accepted.

Childcare will be offered during annual conference and pre-registration is required. For more information click here.

Contact Information

  • tmccoy [at] (Tim McCoy) - General questions, housing requests, event requests, agenda requests
  • kpanovec [at] (Kay Panovec) - Communications
  • jfrost [at] (Jack Frost) or jperry [at] (Joy Perry) - Check-in, name tags
  • ahaines [at] (Amy Haines) - Rules, recommendations, requests to be excused
  • nriley [at] (Nancy Riley)- Bishop Palmer's schedule

Advance information about annual conference will be emailed to all members in the months and weeks leading up to the June session. If you are not receiving event information from West Ohio about this year's session, please be sure your record is properly marked as a lay member of annual conference by contacting your district office

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