Recommendations Rules & Procedures

The deadline to submit a recommendation to be included in the Book of Reports for the 2015 Annual Conference session was March 15, 2015. If you submitted a recommendation and have a question please contact Conference Secretary,  aaspey [at] (Rev. Amy Aspey). General inquires about the process may be emailed to Amy as well.

The rules related to recommendations are found in the 2014 West Ohio Conference JournalRules & Procedures, Section E Conference Procedures, Item 14, pages 279-280.

14.  Legislation and Procedures:

Legislation submitted to the Annual Conference shall focus on the vision of the West Ohio Annual Conference:

  • Radical Hospitality
  • Passionate Worship
  • Faith Forming Relationships and Experiences and Education
  • Risk Taking Service, Mission, and Justice Ministries

(a) There shall be a Reference and Procedure Committee of the Annual  Conference. All recommendations from the Bishop, the Conference Staff, Cabinet members, other officers of the Conference, Boards, Agencies, Committees, Commissions, Task Forces, local congregations, lay persons, and clergy shall be submitted to this committee by March 15. The Reference and procedure Committee shall receive these recommendations and provide a legislative process to bring them to the floor of the annual Conference session. 

There shall be not more than ten members of the Reference and Procedure Committee. The members shall be: Chair, the Conference Secretary; Director of the Connectional Ministries Council; one representative from the Connectional Ministries Council; chair of the Conference Agenda Committee; Assistant to the Bishop, and such lay and clergy as will provide an equal balance named by the Conference Committee on Nominations. 

(b) Members of the Conference wishing to submit recommendations of urgent business directly to the plenary sessions shall identify the subject of their recommendation whereupon the plenary session shall vote whether or not it wishes to suspend the Rules to consider the recommendation. 

(c) The submitter of any recommendation shall have the right of last speech to present his/her recommendation to the Annual Conference Session.