Community Engagement Experience

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What is CEE?
A congregational resource that teaches about the practice and implementation aspects of community engagement. We help develop relationships that lead to community and individual transformation.
Why CEE?
Today’s world culture changes faster than ever before- peoples values, needs and dreams in your local community do as well. Your neighborhood, city, and region all have a unique culture that changes as people join and leave your communities. The church is called to be intentional about creating time and space for meeting with their community regularly so that it can be fully engaged in their unique cultural context. The Community Engagement Experience prepares the local church to re-engage their community by leading them in a process of reflection, learning, and practice.

What topics are covered in CEE?
•     Cultural Competence
•     Communication Strategies
•     Appreciative Inquiry
•     Asset mapping
•     Leading conversations
•     Visioning and strategizing with your community.

How long is the process?
Nine 2-hour monthly sessions in your church
Who are the facilitators?
Trained CEE facilitators who also serve as guides during the entire process
Please contact Alma Resendiz for more information at 380.223.9243 or