2020 Boost Grants -Missional Church Development Team
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Questions:  Has the Holy Spirit been whispering in your heart. stirring a fresh dream about how to cultivate new relationships with people outside your church that will open the possibility of connecting them to Jesus Christ? Are you longing to experiment with a new risk-taking faith venture that might require a small financial boost?

Purpose: West Ohio’s Missional Church Development Team (MCD) seeks to make new, one-time immediate “Boost Grants” of up to $5,000 available for churches longing to see new “Spirit-whispers” become realities — by investing remaining dollars reallocated from the 2020 MCD revitalization grant budget to help fuel your dream.
Explore and complete/submit the short “Boost Grant” application form online before or by April 27, 2020 below.
The MCD Team will complete Boost Grant award decisions no later than May 11, with release of Boost Grant funds immediately to the recipient churches. Is now your time to step forward?

Boost Grants: Criteria should include….
o Description of a creative new connection to your church’s vision/plan for revitalization and capacity building
o Evidence of a small team partnering in this new venture…pastor and at least two lay persons praying and working together
o Documentation to confirm that communication has occurred with your church leadership, and they affirm your team exploring this new ministry. Please attach a brief description of the statement to the leadership team including a signature from the Leadership Chair, and the Lead Pastor
o Commitment to share the story of what happened as a result…what you learned either in fruitfulness, or by trying something new


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1. We need your basic information:

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