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Stewardship as a
Stewardship is too frequently equated with the annual commitment campaign to underwrite
the local church operations. The Biblical message is that stewardship is a lifestyle. Stewardship
means “manage” so we are called as followers of Christ to “manage” all the gifts placed into our
lives including time, talents, Spiritual Gifts, relationships, creation, income and assets.
Every church has an opportunity to grow generous
stewards with their members and attendees.
Stewardship is fundamental for a church to have the
resources of time, talents and resources to accomplish
God’s mission and vision for the local church.
However it takes an intentional plan.
The following is a list of critical paths to growing
Disciples with an understanding of stewardship as a
Growing Generous Givers is a spiritual issue about
Teaching Biblical Foundations places the topic under
Biblical authority
Stewardship is not about the budget but giving to
Telling the stories of transformed lives motivates
people to give
Every gathering is an opportunity to grow
generosity with a creative “thank you.”
Growing Generous Givers is a long term
Understanding current giving patterns provides a
starting place to transform church culture
Knowing people want to be generous establishes
an intentional effort to assist with personal financial
Forming a Local Church “Stewardship Team” assures
an intentional plan is created.
Create a year round stewardship strategy that
moves stewardship into all aspects of life not just
the annual fall “commitment campaign.”
Define the role of the Finance Committee related to
Clarifying the role of the Pastor
The Council on Development is available to present
a “Stewardship 101: Growing Generous Givers” to
the Leadership Team, Finance Committee and
additional leaders as identified by the church. After
the orientation, follow up can include assistance with
refinement and implementation of the stewardship
strategy. Approximately 200 churches have
participated in this orientation in their local church,
through District Leadership events and other assorted
WOC training events.
Unleashing Generous Giving