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Dear Friends in Christ:
The Council on Development has been in the business of “unleashing generous giving” within the
West Ohio Conference
for the past three decades. The Council’s newly revised mission statement
makes this reality more explicit. Rev. George Cooper, Executive Director of the Council on
Development, addresses the Council’s re-visioning work in his report on page four.
The Apostle Paul had a great deal to say about
unleashing generous giving in his various letters to the
early churches. He specifically reminded the church at
Corinth that “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians
9:7), or as Eugene Peterson paraphrases in
The Message
“God loves it when the giver delights in the giving.” Paul
goes on in his letter to the Corinthians to state why we
should be generous and cheerful givers – because God
provides us with every grace and blessing in abundance.
“God has the power to provide you with
more than enough of every kind of grace.
That way, you will have everything you
need always and in everything to provide
more than enough for every kind of good
2 Corinthians 9:8,
Common English Bible
I am most intrigued, however, with what Paul says
about how to unleash generous giving. The
generous, cheerful giving is imperative; but
become unleashed to give generously is also essential
and instructive. For Paul, generous giving is unleashed
when we give with
no hesitation
and with
I am blessed to know many truly generous givers. My
wife, Char, is one of the most generous givers I know.
Many of you who contribute to the building of God’s
Kingdom through the Council on Development are
truly generous givers. When people give because they
understand how profoundly they have been graced
by God, and when they do so without hesitation or
pressure –
generosity is unleashed
cheerfulness and joy are unleashed
thanksgiving to God is unleashed
abundant good works are unleashed
God’s resources are unleashed
and righteousness is unleashed.
I am grateful to each of the Council on Development’s
generous givers. You have responded during 2011
without hesitation or reluctance. As a result, the
Council has been able to abundantly provide for “every
kind of good work.”
No Hesitation,
No Pressure
2011 Annual Report