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Mrs. Dorothy Hawks
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heffelfinger
Mr. Kevin Hinkle
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hinson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hofmann
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Holdren
Ms. Carol Huddleston
Lane Aviation
Mr. Charles A. Lindabury
Rev. & Mrs. Charles Loveless
Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Matthews
Ms. Kathryn L. McCoy
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Menges
Rev. William Miles
Mrs. Rosemary Miller
Mrs. Mary L. Minister
J.C. Missionary
Rev. Dennis & Mrs. Susan Mohler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Montgomery
Mr. Philip R. Moots
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Mottice
Ms. Sally Mowry
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Neff
North Hampton Asbury UMC,
Miami Valley
Mr. John Nye
OhioHealth Employees
Otterbein Mens Fellowship
Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Paisley
Dr. George P. Pettit
Powell UMC, Capitol Area North
Mr. Norman K. Quick
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Raymond
Reynoldsburg UMC,
Capitol Area South
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Roach
Drs. Bill & Kim Rothermel
Ms. Marilyn R. Savidge
Rev. Angie & Mr. Jason Sherer
Rev. & Mrs. Harold Shimfessel
Rev. & Mrs. Harvey B. Smith
Ms. Mary Beth Smith
Mr. John D. Snyder
Rev. & Mrs. Randy W. Stearns
Rev. & Mrs. Harold Stockman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stoner
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Strasser
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory K. Traucht
Vandalia UMC, Miami Valley
Rev. & Mrs. Keith R. Vesper
Mr. Herman Weber
West Elkton UMC, Miami Valley
West Ohio Conference UMW -
School of Christian Mission
Westwood UMC,
Ohio River Valley
Mr. & Mrs. David Wilkes
Ms. L. Cean Wilson
Worthington UMW,
Capitol Area North
Rev. David Yingling
Rev. Marcus & Mrs. Kristen Atha
Mrs. Martha Balogh
Mr. & Mrs. David Bearden
Beechwood UMC,
East Ohio Conference
Bellefontaine UMW,
Capitol Area North
Botkins UMC, Miami Valley
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Bryant
Dr. & Mrs. Warren E. Bulman
Celina St. Paul’s UMC,
Northwest Plains
Rev. Carole Damschroder
Mr. & Mrs. C. John Easton
Ebenezer UMC,
Capitol Area North
Emanuel UMC, Northwest Plains
Mrs. Helen H. Evans
Mr. & Mrs. William Evans
Farmersville UMC, Miami Valley
Mrs. Mary J. Fay
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Fee
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fielden
Mr. Lloyd E. Fisher Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Barney Frazier
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Garvin
Rev. & Mrs. Roger L. Grace
Ms. Mary J. Grant
Rev. & Mrs. Leslie L. Harris
Mr. & Mrs. James Hawks
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Heyser
Mr. & Mrs. Roderick W. Huff
Mrs. Jane Hurtt
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Johnston
Mr. Andy C. Lee
Lumberton UMC, Miami Valley
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lyons
Mr. & Mrs. M. Patrick McNall
Rev. John G. Medaugh
Middleburg UMC,
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Northridge UMC, Miami Valley
Mr. Vernon Pack
Mrs. Helen C. Pestel
Dr. & Mrs. David Ponitz
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Storyteller Productions
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Rev. Charles Albright
Aley UMW, Miami Valley
Allentown UMC,
Northwest Plains
Rev. Todd &
Mrs. Patricia Anderson
Miss Marjorie K. Andrews
Miss Elisabeth T. Anger
Miss Margaret H. Anger
Rev. Kimberly Armentrout
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Arter
Mrs. Julia Arts
Ms. Angelyn Atha
Rev. Beverly Avers
Mr. William L. Ballis
Gladys Mae Fowler, age 91, went
to be with the Lord, September
30, 2011. She was born to the late
Harvey and Cora Merrill in Elyria,
Ohio, on December 20, 1919. She
married Arnise Fowler; and they
are survived by their children:
Cheryl, Barbara, and Bob, and
seven grandchildren and three
Arnise was born October 6, 1922,
in Mt. Zion, the son of the late
Walter and Pearl Roberts Fowler.
He was a U.S. Navy veteran of
World War II from Calhoun County
and the Korean War. Also, he was
the retired owner of a commercial
refrigeration company. He was a
member of Masonic Lodge #623,
AF & AM, Aladdin Shrine Temple,
and the Pool Club. Arnise died
January 13, 2003.
Gladys loved quilting, sewing,
baking, and teaching music to
her grandchildren. Her mission
was her family and she passed
on an appreciation for the simple
things in life.
In June 1993, December 1993,
and October 1999, the Fowlers
made three Charitable Gift
Annuities paying 8.3 percent for
the two annuities from 1993 and
7.7 percent for the annuity from
1999. Their gifts demonstrated
good stewardship. They assured a
good rate of return for themselves,
and made a gift at the end of both
their lives to support the United
Methodist Committee on Relief
(UMCOR) and Glenwood United
Methodist Church where they
were members.
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