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Mr. Alfred &
Mrs. Helen Ellis
By: Anonymous
Mr. Ken Elshoff
By: Rev. & Mrs. R. Stanley Sutton
Hrs. Harriett Engle
By Mrs. Franklin Benner
Rev. E. Eugene Frazer
By. Mr. Robert R. Caldwell
Mr. Paul Freshour
By Mr. Joshua Freshour
Mrs. Mary Jane (MJ) Frost
By: Rev. & Mrs. C. Edwin Pellett
Rev. & Mrs. Harold Stockman
Dr. David E. Gamper
By: Rev. & Mrs. George Cooper
Rev. Lawrence W. George
By: Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bryant
Virgil & June Hoover
By: Rev. & Mrs. Harold Stockman
Dr. M. J. Miller, Sr.
By: Rev. & Mrs. Harold Stockman
Mrs. Ruby L. Molyneux
By: Mrs. Terryann McCoy
Mrs. Helen Potter
By: Rev. & Mrs. Harold Stockman
Ms. Mary Stephenson
By: Ms. Phyllis Githens
Miamisburg St. James UMC,
Miami Valley
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Shaffer
Mrs. C. Elinor Stiver
By: Rev. & Mrs. Harold Stockman
Mr. Vance E. Summers
By: Rev. & Mrs. R. Stanley Sutton
Mrs. Emily Woodman
By: Dr. & Mrs. Norman Dewire
The following donors gave through the Council on
Development to support their local church, conference
initiatives, and other United Methodist organizations.
Their generosity is appreciated.
$5,000 AND OVER
Mr. Ronald B. Alford
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Bauer
Mrs. Avonna L. Brooks
Mr. Dwight W. Burk II
Mrs. Susan Butts
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cantlin
Mr. & Mrs. James Chapman
Rev. Wesley Clarke
Mr. Thomas Deuber
Dr. & Mrs. Norman Dewire
The O.P. & W.E. Edwards
Ms. Norma J. Gerke
Drs. Gregory &
Rebecca Gibbons
Ginghamsburg UMC,
Miami Valley
Mr. & Mrs. Willis Gould
Ms. Hermalee Hardin
Ms. Brenda Hauser
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Heinrich
Mr. Edwin L. Heminger
Mr. & Mrs. F. Leon Herron, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. George Howard
Mr. & Mrs. John Howard, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. G. Scott Jenkins
Mr. & Mrs. Alex H. Keller
Rev. & Mrs. Robert L. Knell
Mrs. Martha L. Kober
Ohio River Valley District Office
Bishop & Mrs. Bruce R. Ough
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Pontious
Rev. Kim Pope-Seiberling
& Mr. Eric Seiberling
The Retired Ministers’ Association
Dr. & Mrs. Calvin C. Rodeheffer
Mr. Kenneth P. Scheffel
The Myron & Dorothy Seifert
The Perlema & Grace Sewell Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Sheley
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Shore
Rev. & Mrs. Ralph K. Shunk
Sidney First UMC,
Miami Valley
Mr. Charles C. Spielman
Rev. Deanna E. Stickley-Miner
Rev. & Mrs. R. Stanley Sutton
Governor &
Mrs. Robert Taft
Mr. Hamilton J. Teaford
The Harold Thomas Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Watkins
Mr. Paul Wiseman
Rev. David L. Woodyard
Mr. & Mrs. Simeon Atha
Rev. & Mrs. Grayson L. Atha
Mr. Charles W. Beck Jr.
Rev. & Mrs. Stephen L. Bennett
Mrs. Patricia J. Bowers
Mr. Timothy M. Bridgham
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Brown
Rev. Marla E. & Mr. Len Brown
Mrs. Anne Buckingham
Rev. & Mrs. Chester Chambers
Cherry Grove UMW,
Ohio River Valley
Rev. & Mrs. Donald Clarke
Mr. Frank Clever
Rev. & Mrs. Dean Cole
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Conrad
Rev. & Mrs. George D. Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Deboer
Rev. & Mrs. Benjamin Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Ehninger
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Fanning
Ms. Jane D. Ferger
Rev. Floyd F. Fought
Mrs. Mary Jane Frazer
Mrs. Esther Freshour
Rev. Cyndy L. Garn
General Board of Global Ministries
Mr. Robert J. Hadley
Ms. Donita Harris
Gifts that pay life income (income retained gifts)
provide income and income tax benefits for the
donor and assure support as designated by the
donor, of the local congregation, the Ministers’
Retirement and Heathcare Fund, and other United
Methodist agencies. Four (4) gifts of $1,000 or more
totaling $53,000 were made in 2011. Since 1978, when
the Council on Development was created, 858 gifts
totaling more than $17 million have been established
that pay life income. Gifts that pay life income can be
made for a minimum of $1,000.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Jackson
Mr. Richard LeGrand
Mr. Richard Spires
Mr. Richard Stickney
Unleashing Generous Giving