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Wings of the Morning
Caravan Campaign
In Africa, the North Katanga Conference of The United Methodist Church is an area the size of
Texas and is without any paved roads. For these six million people, the members of the
West Ohio
represent hope. Part of their hope comes in the form of a small airplane and a pilot
who flies in medical supplies, Bibles, payrolls, pastors and mission teams.
Wings of the Morning
an aviation ministry, evacuates critically ill and injured villagers to healthcare facilities in Kamina
and Lubumbashi. Gaston Ntambo, a trained Christian missionary and the sole pilot of the ministry,
flies an aging Cessna 210 to strategically placed landing strips around this huge territory. Though
the need for the help that this ministry brings is great, the aircraft is too small to handle any
greater capacity and is in need of replacing.
The General Board of Global Ministries has initiated a
campaign to raise $1.6 million for a refurbished Cessna
Caravan plane that will replace the current aging Cessna
210 plane and provide greater seating capacity and
utilize fuel that is more readily available. While other
conferences will be involved, the
West Ohio Conference
is taking the lead by establishing a $1 million goal from
individuals, churches and church organizations with
Wings of the Morning Caravan Campaign
. We
are grateful to the people and churches who have
contributed toward a total of $241,560 in 2011 not
including additional amounts pledged.
Twenty-two years ago, I sat at the kitchen table in
the United Methodist Guest House in the Democratic
Republic of the Congo. As a teenager, Gaston was
talking about his dream of using his skills and passion
in full-time Christian service. Neither of us knew
where that simple conversation would lead us.
Today, Gaston Nkulu Ntambo is a United Methodist
missionary pilot, flying life-saving missions. He flies
into the African bush delivering Bibles and pastors,
transporting critically ill villagers to regional hospitals,
and uniting the largest United Methodist conference
in the world.
Gaston’s faith has been an inspiration to me. Our
two families have become one as we have hosted
each other in our homes for over two decades. We
share stories of ministry with each other from the
south side of Columbus to the heart of the Congo.
Together, we continue working on opportunities for
health care, agriculture, evangelism and education.
George Howard,
United Methodist Church for All People
George Howard & Gaston Nkulu Ntambo
Unleashing Generous Giving