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It has been my honor and privilege to have been a part of the Clergy Leadership initiative since its outset.
From the very outset this idea has been near and dear to me, going back to the beginning of my business
career with Procter and Gamble. P&G has had a culture of leadership and leadership development for
as long as I can remember, particularly giving real leadership, real responsibility, to young people. That
probably was the most important part of my decision to join P&G following college and the Air Force.
It worked for me and I was able to hold leadership positions on three continents before retiring. I have
sought opportunities to use those skills in retirement and being associated with Clergy Leadership
Formation (CLF) was truly a gift from God. My involvement has been primarily involved in investor
development and I am pleased that a number of people have chosen to join my wife and me in supporting
CLF. From a personal standpoint, this initiative came along at exactly the same time as a major capital
campaign at our home church, Anderson Hills United Methodist in Cincinnati. It took a lot of prayer, but
we elected to make a major and equal commitment to both programs. Recognizing that CLF was not a
short-term issue, we have continued an annual investment in it, matching what we had originally pledged.
I have also added a codicil to my will continuing this investment for a number of years following my death.
I am committed. I hope others will become as convinced as I am of the importance of CLF to the future of
Methodism and will find a way to add their names to the proud list of investors who also are committed.
Alex Keller,
Anderson Hills UMC, Council on Development Board Member
2011 Annual Report
The following people and churches have donated to
Clergy Leadership Formation
in 2011:
Mr. Ronald B. Alford
Armstrong Chapel UMC,
Ohio River Valley
Mrs. Julia Arts
Mr. & Mrs. David Bearden
Mr. Charles W. Beck , Jr.
Rev. & Mrs. Leonard Benson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bradford
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Brandt
Rev. Marla E. &
Mr. Len Brown
Mr. Robert R. Caldwell
Rev. & Mrs. George Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cantlin
Revs. Alan R. & Jean Carroll
Rev. April Casperson
Cloverdale UMC,
Maumee Watershed
Mr. James M. Coldwell
Rev. & Mrs. Dean Cole
Rev. & Mrs. George D. Cooper
Mrs. Norma J. Davis
Rev. & Mrs. Benjamin Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Ehninger
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Fanning
Dr. H. Allan & Mary Kay Feller
Mrs. Mary Jane Frazer
Mr. & Mrs. Willis Gould
Mr. Edwin L. Heminger
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hofmann
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hundley
Mrs. Jane Hurtt
Rev. J. Paul Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Alex H. Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Wes Lampe
Mr. Charles A. Lindabury
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lyons
Mrs. Marcia Mason
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCurdy
Mrs. Mary Meyers
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Miller