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In mathematics and physics a simple solution to
a problem is often an indication that it’s a correct
solution. E=mc2 can be solved with elementary
math, but it tells of a more profound dimension of
the universe. A simple solution is best. Simplicity also
applies to giving to the church. A donor advised fund
through the Council on Development (COD) is an
easy way to systematically give to your local church
and other missions of the United Methodist Church.
We give cash and appreciated securities to our donor
advised fund at the COD when, for tax reasons, it is
advantageous to us. The COD converts the securities
to cash at no cost to us. We receive a significant tax
deduction as a result. Then, as we are touched by
needs within the church, we simply email a request to
the COD that a particular amount be given from our
fund. The COD sends a letter with the donation, copies
us, and gives us the necessary tax information. With
a donor advised fund we know that our charitable
contributions will be handled properly. Through the
COD we can follow John Wesley’s admonition to
give methodically. It’s simple and keeps the taxing
authorities satisfied.
Rev. & Mrs. R. Stanley Sutton,
King Avenue United Methodist Church
Donor Advised Funds
The donor can make an income tax deductible gift of $5,000 or more, and designate later
the use of the gift for any United Methodist purpose.
Life Insurance
Owners of life insurance can make the Council on Development the beneficiary of a policy
(and perhaps the owner), the donor designates the proceeds to fund the VISION.
Savings Bonds
Proceeds from redeemed “E”, “EE”, “H”, and “HH” U.S. Savings Bonds can be given as gifts.
Rev. & Mrs. Stan Sutton with Bishop Bruce Ough at the
2011 Annual Conference upon Rev. Sutton's retirement.
Photo by Derk’s Works Photography
Unleashing Generous Giving