Page 11 - WOC Annual Report 2012

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I invested in a Charitable Gift Annuity to benefit Hill
View Retirement Center upon my death. I’m currently
a Trustee and regular donor to Hill View, a United
Methodist affiliate. This Charitable Gift Annuity will
allow Hill View, upon my passing, a sum to replace my
current giving. A Charitable Gift Annuity benefits me
personally in that I receive a quarterly check providing
a respectable income on my investment. This income
also is beneficial because it provides some tax benefit
over my life expectancy. In addition, the Charitable Gift
Annuity has helped me with my estate planning.
Richard LeGrand,
Christ United Methodist Church, Jackson, OH
We have found giving through the Council on
Development to be a great way of directing our
charitable giving to various projects while only having
to communicate with and deal with one, trusted
institution. The Council on Development easily receives
our stock gifts and then administers them in the
exact ways we instruct. In addition to the obvious tax
benefits, we’ve been able to support various United
Methodist related institutions this way, as well as direct
our annual giving to our church. It is nice to know we
have established a relationship with the Council on
Development and through their expert guidance and
work can support United Methodist projects that we
care about.
Chuck & Nancy Sheley,
Powell United Methodist Church
Appreciated Stocks and Bonds
Taxes on “capital gains” can be avoided when these long term assets are used as gifts
to help fund the VISION through the Council on Development.
Life-Income Gifts
A way of using property to help, while still providing for oneself. The donor names an
individual(s) to receive income for life, and then the remaining amount goes to fund
West Ohio’s emerging VISION. One example of a life-income gift is a Charitable Gift
Annuity which is a contract under which a charity, in return for a transfer of cash or other
property, agrees to pay a fixed sum of money for a period measured by one or two lives to
the donor or other beneficiary.
When retired clergy member Rev. Stan Fawley &
his wife, Lin, came to retirement in 2010, their son
was married and on his own and it was time to
evaluate the reality of their estate plan and financing
for retirement. In conversation with the Council on
Development, they decided to write the council out
of their will! Instead, they designated the council as
beneficiary of their taxable IRAs/403s. It was a simple
process to add the Council on Development as the
beneficiary. It was easier to provide for their family
with other assets and avoid the complicated payout
schedules (and taxes) on transferred IRAs.
Rev. & Mrs. Stan Fawley,
Retired, Church of the Good Shepherd
United Methodist Church
Estate Gifts
These may include a bequest through one’s Will. Another vehicle is to name the Council
on Development, West Ohio Conference (designating that the gift be distributed to the
United Methodist ministry of the donor’s choice) as a beneficiary of Pension Fund Assets
such as IRAs and 403s.
Unleashing Generous Giving