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With support from
West Ohio Conference
members and
congregations, the Council on Development helps to fund the
VISION, both now and into the future. Generous givers may
designate their donation with these
eight ways to give
Reverend Frank Clarke, who was very well respected
by his family and was viewed as the spiritual center for
his children and grandchildren, saw an opportunity in
bringing his family together that could make an impact
in the lives of others, as well. In a letter to his eldest
son, Rev. Wes Clarke, and his daughter, Dorothy, Frank
suggested an idea to adopt a project every year and to
provide financial aid to it, gathering family donations
like he gathered pennies as a child. Rev. Don Clarke
paraphrases his father’s vision saying, “Let’s
do a mission project that we can all buy
into, something we probably wouldn’t do as
an individual, but together we can do, and
it will help bond the family down through
the years.” Such a plan, he knew, would
seem daunting and impossible on one’s
own, but together, drawing on the smaller
contributions from members of the family,
a much larger work might be accomplished.
Through his love for his family, Frank Clarke
hoped to give an example for coming
generations for the care of others.
The Clarke family chose the Council on
Development as the recipient of the gifts
from individual family members. Once all the
gifts are received, sometime late in December
or early January, the Council on Development
disperses the total to the ministries the family
chose for the year. The members of the
Clarke family have demonstrated a spirit of giving and
compassion through the giving of time and resources,
driven solely by a desire to spread the love of Christ by
any means possible. Through their family, Frank and
Sarah Ellen have ensured their vision continues with
new generations, creating a lasting legacy that values
the strength that comes by caring for others.
Frank and Sarah Ellen
Clarke Family
Perhaps the most often used method to support the ministries of the church.
The Council on Development gratefully receives gifts in any amount.
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