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My father, Samuel Benson, will be declared innocent or guilty for alleged sexual assault on Monday, August 14 at Cameron Court House in Brownsville, Texas. It starts at 9AM on the 3rd floor. My entire family are paramedics and we went to provide aid to a concert. A woman is trying to send my father to jail in order to sue him, our ambulance company, and the concert owners. My father is innocent because I was on the phone with him during the time of the alleged assault. May the truth shine.
God of Compassion, may our actions, words and prayers be fueled by your unconditional love.
1 Amen
Lord, in the Advent Season as we anticipate the coming of You Son help us to be alert and be in a posture of receiving the Light and Love of the One that is coming to save us. Let us rejoice and be glad.
2 Amens.
O Lord as we anticipate the celebration of the coming of the Light of the World may we seek to be light to this world.Grant us the courage to be signs of Jesus' love, healing, reconciliation, and peace in this world of division and anxiety. Amen!
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Lord God, in this season of Advent that we anticipate the return of your Son, help us to be truly empowered by your Holy Spirit that we may be prepared and also reach out to help others prepare for His return in glory. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!
2 Amens.
Jehoviah, you have created this world to be one of peace. help us your true disciples to show the world the meaning of peace. In your Mercy Lord, the world is suffering not for you but for those who feel power. Lord heal us so that all we say and do glorifies you and not ourself.
5 Amens.
Oh, Lord in your mercy, may the church be held together with your love. May Your will prevail, remind us we are all your children and called to love each other. How saddened you must be for your children talking about division instead of unity. Please help us center our eyes on Christ and see all the ministry done in in His name when we work together. May we work for the kingdom not ourselves. Lord, I ask that you bind up the hate, and the evil, especially at GC. In Jesus name.
2 Amens.
Prayers, mighty prayers, for the God who showers in abundant love. For grace and sturdy, brave hearts. Speaking truth, discerning the Forward
2 Amens.
The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, is here! Praying for our Bishops and all of our Delegates.
4 Amens.
Lord, protect and guide our delegates at General Conference this week that our structure and polity may reflect you, glorify you, and further your work of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world! ~ Community UMC, Brookville
2 Amens.
Heavenly father, we ask for your guidance in our decisions. May your will be done.
1 Amen
Lord, we ask for wisdom, guidance, and room for conversation and understanding. We pray for justice and peace.
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Loving God, please make residence in the Oregon Convention Center in Portland as your people gather.
3 Amens.
Gracious God I pray for all of us to be overwhelmed with a spirit of humility.
7 Amens.
Heavenly Father, Please bless our delegates as they work and pray to make the right decisions at General Conference. We are grateful for their sacrifice of time as well as that of their families back home. Amen.
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