Conference Committee on Nominations

The Nomination Committee is working hard to deepen the pool of lay and clergy that are interested in serving on the conference level.  In an effort to provide our Districts and Conference with innovative, qualified and effective leadership, we would like to identify persons with passion, gifts and a commitment to serve beyond their local church. If you believe that you are that person,  please complete the West Ohio Conference Leadership Interest Form. We will reach out to you when there is a position open that matches your gifts and graces.  Please be advised that this may not be immediately but we will keep your interest form on hand.   

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Conference Committee on Nominations - excerpts from the 2014 Journal (pg 276)

  1.  Nomination Process

The primary task of nominating persons to serve as officers and members of agencies of Connectional Ministries shall reside with the Conference Committee on Nominations as set forth below.

a.     Each District Committee on Nominations shall prepare a pool of names listing the agency for which each person has interest, gifts, calling and skill. The list shall be forwarded to the Conference Committee on Nominations.

b.     Recommendations for the pool may be sent at any time to the Conference Committee on Nominations from individuals, congregations, caucuses, agencies and other organized groups within the conference. ...

d.     The Conference Committee on Nominations shall ensure diversity and inclusiveness in the nominations for membership of each Connectional Ministries’ Agency. Attention shall be given to balance between clergy and laity, men and women, regions and districts, size and types of congregations, persons with disabilities, and various age levels. To ensure full representation of racial and ethnic persons (Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders), there shall be a target of 30% racial/ethnic membership on each Connectional Ministries’ Agency.