Stewardship 101 for the Smaller Church
Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 10:00am to 2:30pm
Council on Development and Maumee Watershed District

The purpose of Stewardship 101: Growing Generous Givers is to equip local churches to develop generous stewards to advance their mission and vision.This workshop taught by Rev. George Cooper has been utilized for three years at Crucible, Licensed Local Pastors School, Starting Well, District Leadership training events and individual local churches. 

Feedback indicates, however, that many smaller church pastors and leaders walk away uncertain how to apply some of the principles in their church. The culture of a smaller church has many nuances that prevent application of some of the strategies. Toward that end a workshop focused on smaller churches has been developed that takes into consideration the unique issues of smaller congregations, both rural and urban. 

Who Should Attend

Pastors, Finance Committee Members, Stewardship Team Leaders, Church Leaders

Growing Generosity

The smaller church has unique cultural issues to address to grow generosity. The following topics will be addressed, customized to their unique historical practices.

  • Biblical Foundation for giving to God
  • Understanding Generosity as a lifestyle
  • Holistic approach to stewardship
  • Modified Local church year-round strategy to grow generous givers
  • What is the role of the pastor?
  • What is the role of the Finance Committee?
  • Best financial practices
  • Address:  “But we’ve always had the money when we need it!”
  • Why or why not use CD’s as Stewards

Check-in begins at

Location Name
Shiloh United Methodist Church
Location Address
Joy Perry