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Managed Care Organization Enrollment Update for Spring 2016

The West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church works diligently to administer the group Workers Compensation Plan in which every West Ohio church is a member.  We are coming up on the open enrollment period for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), a time every two years that will result in nearly every Ohio employer being solicited for business, including churches.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • West Ohio Conference group plan will continue using 888 Ohio Comp as our Managed Care Organization.
  • Open enrollment for MCO’s is from May 2 to May 27, 2016.  You will almost certainly be solicited by multiple MCO’s and possibly multiple times.
  • You do not need to take any action:  do not sign up with any other company.  You may disregard all inquiries.
  • Your church will automatically remain with 888 Ohio Comp as MCO for the next two-year period.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, our Third Party Administrator, Comp Management, is available to answer questions.  They may be reached at 1-800-825-6755.  Or contact our Managed Care Organization, 888 Ohio Comp at 1-888-ohiocomp.


Recommendation #15 from Annual Conference 2008 - Conference Wide Worker's Compensation Group


Managed Care Organization Information for West Ohio Conference Churches

Effective June 30, 2014, the West Ohio Conference is with 888-Ohio Comp for our Managed Care Organization (MCO).   Below are important contacts you may need:

  • Nurse Case Manager - Paula Stevens, RN pstevens [at], ext 1162
  • Case Specialist - Cabrina Fulton, cfulton [at], ext 1432
  • Regional Manager - Caryle Marlin, cmarlin [at], ext 1101


Worker's Comp Quick Reference Guide if your church has a pastoral change.

There are 2 ways to take care of cleaning up those showing under elective coverage.

  1. Fill out the form attached to your letter with the best cancelation date you can find
  1. Fill out attached worksheet to cancel coverage for those who need to be canceled
  2. Fill out a U-117 form to cancel all who should not be on the policy.
  3. Submit an application for elective coverage (U-3S) to add the pastor/pastors that need to be added
  1. Set up an on-line password at and cancel all who should not be covered.
  1. In order to set up an on-line account, you must have your policy number and your ein number. 
  2. Once  you get your sign-on, go to and sign on
  3. Click on employers
  4. Looking under policy information, click on Demographic information
  5. Enter your policy number and click next
  6. Clck the Elective Coverage link at the bottom of the page.
  7. Cancel all you need to cancel
  8. Add the pastor/pastors you need to add
  9. Look under the forms tab for U-117
  10. U-117 must also be completed to make sure all the pastors are taken off of your policy
  11. You will receive a confirmation from Ohio BWC after all the changes are made.

Any time a pastor moves, you need to cancel them off your elective coverage, fill out the U-117 Form and add the new pastor with the U-3 Form.

Churches in Workers' Compensation Group as of July 2016

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