Vietnam Disabled Adult Ministry

Vietnamese culture adapts and changes with time. Urban life is becoming faster-paced and more individualistic than in former years. Disabled adults, who in the past might have been surrounded by a local community of support, often find themselves left behind by an impersonal society. Begun by a United Methodist pastor, a Disabled Adult Ministry changes this situation. Inside this home, a small number of disabled adults live and work together. They spend their nights in shared sleeping quarters, and their days making intricately crafted woodwork to sell. Items created here can be purchased in local stores. The income generated by the crafts supports the ministry, and the workers form a community with one another. The ministry has grown to the point where it cannot take accept many more people.  Items created here can be purchased in local stores.  In the name of Christ, the Disabled Adult Ministry instills a sense of purpose, self-worth and independence in people who have been overlooked by a changing economy.