Templo Aleluya Methodist Church

The sound of tambourines fills the air, keeping rhythm to the upbeat tempo of a familiar praise song. Voices rise with the music, and several congregants dance to the lively tune, uninhibited by their surroundings. Sunday worship at Templo Aleluya invites all who attend to embrace God not only with their hearts, but also with their hands, feet, and voices. Pastor Hector leads the congregation in this worship experience, along with his wife, son, and daughter. Yet Sunday worship is just the beginning at Templo Aleluya, where God’s love spills over from Sunday mornings into the rest of the week. Children’s devotions are held daily, along with a much-needed feeding program. On weekends, adult literacy classes are offered to men and women from the surrounding Colonia – the poorest community in Piedras Negras. A new school building stands off to the side, ready to provide local children with a free education – once the funding for teacher’s salaries has been raised. In spite of their burdens, the people of Templo Aleluya persist in glorifying God with their hearts and voices. At Templo Aleluya, the songs of life continue to be sung in the midst of a broken world.